Describe a dragon, win big $ (in Contests)

QBBarzooMonkey September 20 2007 3:18 PM EDT

It's a long story as to "why", but over the past year I've been working on a series of books based on characters that I've created here, on CB. Recently, I found myself having to answer the question, "How does one describe a dragon?"
Sure, there's all kinds of artwork, but how often is a dragon described, in detail, in books? Usually, it's assumed that the reader already knows what a dragon is, so the description is generalized and vague...
I'm not saying that there aren't any good descriptions out there, but...

So, the contest assignment is to describe the dragon named JuJuLizard Rex, King of the Lizards, in real detail - eyes, head, color, etc. Below is the context in which my description went (yes, I have already written mine). If it makes any difference for you, the dragon is male.

The dragon raised its head and propped itself up on its elbows, with its forearms crossed in front. It yawned, and then turned its gaze directly at Jack.
Describe the dragon at length hereナ
"Well, mongrel demon, I must say that you are as large as described...

(That last line is the dragon speaking)

I used 472 words in 3 paragraphs, so your word limit is 500
Multiple entries are allowed.
The usual CB rules apply; PG, don't be nasty, etc.
The deadline is 2 weeks, October 4th, 6PM (server time)

Be warned - grammar and punctuation are important for this one!

The Grand Prize is 2 mil CB$

Game on!

BootyGod September 20 2007 3:23 PM EDT

I assume I get to read these books when you're done? Demons and dragons are where it's AT!

I'll get to work on that description!


Western or Eastern dragon style? I'd assume Western, but you may have a certain like for the snake-like Eastern dragons...

QBBarzooMonkey September 20 2007 3:24 PM EDT

Your choice. :)

karlos666uk September 20 2007 3:34 PM EDT

a creature of Teutonic mythology; usually represented as breathing fire and having a reptilian body and sometimes wings (not all dragons have wings but in our part of the world it is one of the main features

a fiercely vigilant and unpleasant woman ;-)

i will add another when i have time

karlos666uk September 20 2007 3:43 PM EDT

a dragon

Thick, long bodied, scaly skin, four strong legs, two bat-like wings, wedge-shaped heads, and long necks. They usually are portrayed as breathing fire. Some breeds of these dragons have been known to be shape changers, and others have the chameleon power to change color of their background. They are sometimes displayed as having a spade or spiked tail. They eat but once a month on a sheep or ox, or even a human (myth says they prefer virgin maidens). They can be any color, or many colors, depending on the breed of the dragon

BootyGod September 20 2007 4:02 PM EDT

Another question...

Do you want the description to flow as prose? Or do you care if it's more like bulleted characteristics?

Prose Version = "... and it's gleaming, blue scales melded perfectly into 2 foot ebony talons, each able to gut a cow with a mere flick, the lethalness of them..."

Bullets: It had hundreds of 6 inch spikes covering it's hide. It breathed red fire, hot enough to burn flesh and bone. At least 300 feet long, it seemed larger.


QBBarzooMonkey September 20 2007 5:31 PM EDT

Either. Or a combination of both.


Nerevas September 20 2007 5:48 PM EDT

I would describe the dragon's physical appearance in a way that emphasizes its character/personality or other attributes. I'm not a good descriptive writer but what I mean is basically something like this (only good). "Its eyes shown of wisdom of ages beyond measure" or "its grace deceives you of its incomprehensible capability for destruction"

Yukk September 20 2007 6:20 PM EDT

His crystal faceted eyes betrayed no surprise, the spiked ridges over them rising just a fraction with his interest in the interloper. With a genial grin that casually exposed magnificent, white teeth and a tilt of a head the length of a horse he gestured back along the muscled expanse of his body. The point was obvious. Two hundred feet of impervious ruby scales, from flared nostrils to the whiplike tail tip, black, curved claws and the experience of lifetimes, this was not any lesser "beast".
With a deep sigh that contained just a bare wisp of smoke, JuJuLizard Rex, King of the Lizards, turned his attention back to Jack.

QBJohnnywas September 20 2007 6:36 PM EDT

A wide smiling mouth filled with jagged spikes of teeth, rows of them. A canine nose above and two ice blue eyes, lashed and almost feminine. Fanning out from the back of the dragon's head a curved blade of bone and scales. A curved graceful neck, long like a swan's led to the thick powerful shoulders which flexed and fanned the huge leathery wings that enabled it to fly. A muscular body, thick and barrel shaped.

Scales covered every inch of the dragon, And they would ripple atop the strong muscle beneath. The light caught this movement and changed the scales' colour; one second grey and dull, the next a rainbow of colours. It sat rather like a cat in repose, front legs crossed underneath it, long scaled tail curled around it's body. The tail flicked like a cat's would in irritation, fast whip like movements.

And following every ripple of the scales a tiny glowing spark, which the dragon emitted with every exhaled breath. The spark would leave the wide smiling mouth and dance down the dragon's neck and frolic across the scales. A breath taken and the spark would retreat back into the tooth filled grin.

Tyriel [123456789] September 20 2007 6:57 PM EDT

I'll just go ahead and assume, for some small details in my entry, that the dragon yawning means that it's morning (and sometime in the spring). :)

JuJuLizard Rex, King of the Lizards, stretched his gargantuan wings (they must have been at least one hundred feet long), blotting out the sun and casting an ominous shadow over Jack. Faint light pierced through the leathery hide between the bones of each wing, dimly illuminating the dew-laden grass.

The dragon's piercing eyes studied with Jack with the wisdom of several lifetimes. Their hint of shocking blue consumed by pale, ominous green, revealed many tales of wealth, conquest, and the joy of the hunt, all in one fleeting moment. A swirling black almond-shaped vortex was held captive in the center of each eye.

With a slight stretch, the dragon moved his horrifying red limbs out from underneath him, standing at full height in front of an awestruck Jack. Stretching past the clouds and into the ever so faint stars, JuJuLizard Rex, King of the Lizards, was the epitome of dragons.

He was beginning to dislike the idiotic staring of Jack. With one quick sweep, his tail swept out from behind him, rushing towards the human with a speed no other living being could even dream of achieving. Just before knocking Jack off the face of the planet, the dragon stopped its tail, sending at the man a powerful wave of dirt, grass, and the various creatures caught in the warpath.

It looked as if Jack came to his senses. But why waste a grand opportunity to show off? A smile curled across the dragon's dry, cracked mouth. With a grand roar, a glowing orb of flame instantly formed in its mouth, growing in size, heat, and blinding light with every passing second. With almost no effort, the dragon reared back its spike-covered head, launching the ball of fire into the sky. It burst through the clouds, leaving distinct round holes in them where it had passed. It fled further and further from the earth, eventually disappearing into the enormous fireball that all beings saw every day.

That was not all, though. JuJuLizard, King of the Lizards, beat his wings, sending everything in range of sight sprawling across the ground, shocked by the immense wall of air, wondering where the train that just hit them could have possibly come from. In the grandest sight Jack had ever seen, the dragon grew (somehow) more red than it already was. It's taloned legs, spiked back, swishing tail, and beating wings, all becoming so blindingly crimson that Jack was forced to look away.

But, oh, what he missed. The dragon released its built-up fire, sending a wave of power in his own form bursting through the air, burning everything its path. With a mighty grin, through which his barb-like teeth shone a resilient, almost holy white, and slight chuckle, it landed on the ground once again.

Jack was astonished. "You... you... you're... you... you're...YOU'RE ENORMOUS!"

(471 words and 8 paragraphs. :D I like to make lots of paragraphs. >.<)

Ernest-Scribbler September 20 2007 9:37 PM EDT

A dragon is a big fiery lizard geezer, not to be confused with a welshman, as there is absolutely no similarity. A welshman is simply a man from wales, which lies somewhere between Missouri and Massachusetts, If you believe Georgy Peorgy that is. There is a little more similarity between a dragon and a bear though as they are both well ard!!! A bear however is much furrier. Finally dragons are not Fish, though they are often confused with remora fish because of how they follow heroe's around. I am sorry if anyone has read this, as i just wasted a few seconds of your life and for that you must forgive me.

Ancient Anubis September 21 2007 12:21 AM EDT

The dragon raised its head and propped itself up on its elbows, with its forearms crossed in front. It yawned, and then turned its gaze directly at Jack.

His eyes a deep opaque reflected nothing discernible about the dragons character but seemed if anything to remove all choice, all possibility, all time it was a gaze devoid of life. As Jack fought to look a way his eyes danced across its body taking in the beauty of a creature that was deadly beyond measure and as old as time.

It was not the size of the creature that stunned jack ,for it was not as large as the dragons he had heard of in tales nor was it as rich in colour as those he had seen in pictures, but the strength and aura that emanated from the creature enveloping all around it from the earth to the sky to the sea.

Its Scales were a cascade of darkened hues from bleak emerald green to deep blood red to deep ocean blue hues with each scale so polished and smooth it was as if darkness itself flowed over the surface washing over all who beheld it. Even the head almost completely black glistened and its gaping maw strong and powerful revealed only an abyss of hopelessness surround by blades of despair.

The Dragon shifted and jack so enraptured, so captivated was he that he did not move but continued to marvel as its smoothly defined muscles rippled beneath its scaly coat and with a great surge raised its wings into the sky where they blocked out the light and enveloped jack in a darkness so absolute even sound could not penetrate it.

But in this darkness within his mind he could hear the eternal echo of the dragons voice "Well, mongrel demon, I must say that you are as large as described...

LordSushi [Demon Forging] September 21 2007 4:34 AM EDT

The dragon is a mythical creature typically depicted as a gigantic and powerful serpent or other reptile with magical or spiritual qualities.

As with every mythological creature, dragons are perceived in different ways by different cultures. They are commonly portrayed as serpentine or reptilian, hatching from eggs and possessing extremely large, typically feathery or scaly, bodies; they are sometimes portrayed as having large eyes, a feature that is the origin for the word for dragon in many cultures, and are often (but not always) portrayed with, a row of dorsal spines, bat-like wings and a fiery breath. Some dragons do not have wings at all, but look more like long snakes. Dragons can have a variable number of legs: none, two, four, or more when it comes to early European literature. Modern depictions of dragons are very large in size, but some early European depictions of dragons were only the size of bears, or, in some cases, even smaller, around the size of a butterfly.

Although dragons (or dragon-like creatures) occur in many legends around the world, different cultures have varying stories about monsters that have been grouped together under the dragon label. Chinese dragons (Simplified Chinese: Áú; Traditional Chinese: ýネ; Hanyu Pinyin: lᄄᆴng), and Eastern dragons generally, are usually seen as benevolent, whereas European dragons are usually malevolent (there are of course exceptions to these rules). Malevolent dragons also occur in Persian mythology (see Azhi Dahaka) and other cultures.

Dragons are particularly popular in China, and along with the phoenix, the dragon was a symbol of the Chinese emperors. Dragon costumes manipulated by several people are a common sight at Chinese festivals.

Dragons are often held to have major spiritual significance in various religions and cultures around the world. In many Eastern and Native American cultures dragons were, and in some cultures still are, revered as representative of the primal forces of nature and the universe. Many pre-Columbian cultures were fascinated by the power of dragons. The Moche people depicted dragons frequently in their ceramics. [1] They are associated with wisdomᄀᆰoften said to be wiser than humansᄀᆰand longevity. They are commonly said to possess some form of magic or other supernormal power, and are often associated with wells, rain, and rivers. In some cultures, they are said to be capable of human speech.

The term dragoon, for infantry that move around by horse yet still fight as foot soldiers, is derived from their early firearm, the "dragon", a wide-bore musket that spat flame when it fired, and was thus named for the mythical creature.

Ancient Anubis September 21 2007 6:01 AM EDT

hey people can i just say this is a creative writing exercise if u haven't noticed can u stop cluttering it up with useless historical crap read the comp and do as his post asks or start your own thread and leave this one be.

QBBarzooMonkey September 22 2007 11:32 AM EDT

Without warning, a thunderous cacophony erupted, tearing through the silence like like a child unwrapping their first bicycle on Christmas morning. It was the thread, bumping its way to the top of the active board.

"It's almost crazy experience time!" it thought. "Many eyes will notice me as the wait for their BA to refresh, and oh, how gloriously I will shine for them."

Alas, the pitiful Contest Thread, with all of its grandiose hopes and dreams, had now idea it would be lost among Public Records and threads about ranged damage...

zeaderan September 24 2007 9:11 PM EDT

The sunrise was beautiful. I drew my finely crafted blade from its scabbard. An unnecessary move but gripping the handle of my trusty sword gave me the courage. Courage to look up into the sky at the beast. The newly lit sun and the glint from my blade reminded me of a time, not long past, of hunting with my dead father. As I reminisce of peaceful times, a rippling screech pierces my ears. It brings me back to reality with the beast in the sky.

Circling the sky in full glory, the dragon picked off small and large pray from the mountainside for breakfast. It even swat off crows and vultures, which were eager to gather at the remains, with the same effortless grace. An impression leaving without a doubt who the master of these skies were.

After the satisfying feast the green beast hovered to a large golden plain and with his wings stretched back it landed while bellowing a sharp roar. The air was then polluted with the stench of fresh blood from its breath. My grip on my blade loosened. Turning his head, the dragon meet my glaze with a glare, which shot through my armor of courage and almost buckled me off my stallion. Fear settled in.

In the sky, the dragon had a majestic grace. It was a dot in the sky but now... as it stood on all fours, head up high, and wings out in full made it look beyond monstrous to plain terrifying. Kicking my horse, I left my fears behind as I charged. Unadvisable as that tactic was, I was not about to let it chase me around like a cat does to a mouse.

As I drew closer the finite detail of the serpent beast came to view. It's eyes, round from afar, became beady and more frightening. The stallion fearless at the start began to slow down. The dragon's green coat began to look like green scale mail armor. I couldn't believe my sights as the thickness of each scale varied from unpierceable to impenetrable. I drop my sword in desperation and abandon it to unleash my poison tipped spear.

Suddenly, it whips his massive tail around cutting off any change of escape. Drawing the tail in closer, it sweeps my stallion and I up into the air and then wraps us up like a snake. I try to strike with my spear but to no effect. The wrap of the dragon's tail constricted, knocking the wind from my lungs. While fighting for breath, my eyes began to blur. Victory was impossible. Revenge became unconceivable. I managed to draw a sweet breath only to get it whacked out of me again as I stuck a tree. The dragon must have thrown me aside like a useless toy, not even good enough to play with. With my last moments of consciousness I listened as the monster wailed a whimsical laugh and jetted up into the clear sky.

498 words, 5 paragraphs...

QBBarzooMonkey September 26 2007 3:59 PM EDT

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"Thank you, Mr. Lewis, thank you for this bump!"

BootyGod September 26 2007 4:56 PM EDT

*Waits 58 minutes to reply* What I do?

noneedforthese September 26 2007 11:31 PM EDT

The dragon raised its head and propped itself up on its elbows, with its forearms crossed in front. It yawned, and then turned its gaze directly at Jack.

A single sweat rolled silently down the side of Jack's face. He was biting his lower lip, but hoped that it did not show. He hoped that the dragon simply thought he had thin lips. This was not the first dragon that Jack had seen so up close, but this was the first one that truly unhinged him.
A dragon's was the only part that continued growing, and JuJuLizard Rex ヨ affectionately referred to as JuJuLizard death by most locals ヨ had a tail at least fifty paces longer than any of the previous dragons he had encountered. No one really knew how exactly old dragons grew to be, or how to discern any human equivelences from the tail length, but Jack was more than certain that this particular beast was old even for his kind's lifespan. Most fools took the Breath to be the dragon's pinnacle of power, and whilst that may be the truth they never realised just how much energy was required for the Breath and that most dragons did not bother with such an effort on puny beings like humans. The tail, with a twenty-pace circumference, powered by the gigantic hind muscles of these gigantic beasts, could be swung in arcs that could fell an entire army in one swoop, and with enough force to shake the foundations of the very ground itself. Coated with brilliantly shiny scales at two hands thick, even buildings could be knocked down with ease. JuJu's, his fiery red scales looking a little dull with the years, was sure to have razed entire cities with it in his epic life.
Like most Rexes, JuJu's arms were stunted ヨ only by the measures of such large beings! - looking almost frail whence looked upon in the big picture. In fact, if it were not for his long neck, a slight thinner than his tail and perhaps a quarter the length of his massive tail, Jack was sure that he would not be able reach his mouth with those arms. The hind legs however, were titanic. It was as if those legs absorbed all the powers of his arms. Each thigh was as thick as the entire torso, and the feet had craws the length of long swords. Those powerful hind legs were the key to JuJu's dominance ヨ he would not be the King of Lizards unless he had killed the former King. Raking with such raw power would penetrate even the most hardiest dragon's scales.
Of all the features on JuJu's snake-like face, his eyes stood out the most. The crown of Horns standing ten paces high, the sulfuric nostrils, the rows of thousands of teeth in his powerful jaw were all impressive, but those large, fierce eyes were terrifying. Redder than any red he had ever seen, he possessed no pupils, but there was a swirl of a darker red that never stopped moving.

"Well, mongrel demon, I must say that you are as large as described...

noneedforthese September 26 2007 11:32 PM EDT

lol i forgot the wings... oh well i used 500 anyway

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] September 28 2007 12:00 PM EDT

Well, my gear needs an upgrade, so I gave it my best shot. Its 497 words (I had to remove well over 100 words to fit your restriction)

The sight of any dragon is impressive, but JujuLizard Rex, King of Lizards, was truly awe inspiring. From the tip of his snout to the tip of his tail, he was nearly 25 cloth yards long. Although he seemed to carry his weight with a languid grace, Jack estimated him to weigh as much as 10 of the biggest elephants he had ever seen. Juju's majestic wings, while folded neatly against his body, could spread out at least as long as the Mary Rose and her 78 guns. The dragon was covered in scales, each one catching the light differently, causing him to scintillate with every color of the rainbow. Each scale varied in size from the small ones, about the size of Jack's hand near the dragon's eyes, to the largest on the dragon's back, which could act as a table for a dinner party with 6 guests. The scales were not smooth like Jack expected, but each one was grooved, the ridges protruding outward. They were all about the same shape, regardless of size, and they looked remarkably like a shield, sort of squared at the top, but rounded at the bottom. They overlapped each other smoothly and evenly, and with the light effect, made him seem to flow more than move.

A dragon is shaped a lot like an alligator, but much longer in proportions with four legs, separated by a longer mid-section, ending in a tail on one end, and a head on the other. A dragon however; has longer legs and he sits and moves on them much like a cat does. Each leg ends in claws that were easily the size of 4 men, and could pierce an elephant and pluck him from the ground. The gouges into the solid granite floor of the cave attested to their sharpness. Unlike an alligator, Juju's head began at the end of a very long neck, easily capable of looking atop a castle's highest spire. Juju's head was elongated, with a snout above a nasty row of what Jack counted to be some 50 odd teeth, each one larger than he, curved slightly inward, held behind articulated lips. He had no idea the power, but could easily watch an elephant be taken in with a single bite.

You can say many things about a dragon, his claws, his teeth, his tail, which alone was some 10 yards of his length, and powerful enough to uproot tall oak trees with a single swipe, but if ever you are to meet one, you will remember one thing if no thing, his eyes. Juju's eyes are as big as the tallest man, with elongated dark oval pupils, and a reddish yellowish orange like hue. They glow with an inner light, the colors swirl and you stand transfixed, watching the colors turn and tumble like flame as you feel your soul open to him and like a small childrenメs book he reads you, as he now reads Jack.

QBBarzooMonkey October 1 2007 1:01 PM EDT

The Pitiful Contest Thread stood at the bottom of the hill that it had been pushed down, opening and clenching its fists over and over again.

"I can't give up yet! There's still three-point-five days to go!"

It donned its authentic 1973 Buffalo Bills/OJ Simpson football helmet recently acquired from that guy in Las Vegas, lowered its head, and charged back up.

"Ha!" it exclaimed! "Take that, 'ToA bonus'! Take that, 'Black Market Voting Guide!'" It laughed maniacally as it climbed higher and higher, and finally bumped its way to the top for one more glorious moment in the attention of all who gazed upon it.

QBBarzooMonkey October 5 2007 3:19 PM EDT

Well, the deadline has slipped by. I've just printed out the qualified entries, and I will take some time over the weekend to read and reread them, and then I'll announce the winner on Monday...

Thanks to everyone who entered, and good luck!


Maelstrom October 5 2007 4:27 PM EDT

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, I would have had time to enter into this kind of contest. But a giant, ugly, lizard-y, scaly creature with a long, toothy snout, firey breath, knobby knees, and weird little wings came along. He either ate up or burnt up all of my free time.

Yeah, bet you love your boss, too.

{cb2}Goth October 7 2007 10:27 PM EDT

"Ahh a dragon you might say is beautiful in it's nature with godlike speed and agility. It has wings of a tyrant demon ,but when it opens it's mouth the flames burst out like an erupting volcano! Scorching everything it touches with it's lonely soul. Due beware of it's beauty thought take a look at it's luscious and colorful scales you're jaw just might drop."

well this might be late i don't want a reward just an opinion for helping you :)

Victim October 10 2007 5:39 PM EDT

Before I attempt to describe this dragon, is it ANYWHERE near me?

Unappreciated Misnomer October 10 2007 9:16 PM EDT

one word 'TROGDOR!' the burninator!!!
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