What Happened to UC??? (in General)

Hyrule Castle September 23 2007 1:12 PM EDT

You never hear people talking about UC as a good strategy...does anyone even us it anymore?

AdminNightStrike September 23 2007 1:21 PM EDT

I do. It winds up being a very difficult strat to use, as you have to spread your XP very thinly.

IndependenZ September 23 2007 2:04 PM EDT

*adores NS's The Iconics 3e*

Anyway, I'm still running a UC team as well, called Miami Vice. It's fun! I'm sure they're are some more characters out there who use it.

IndependenZ September 23 2007 2:07 PM EDT

How could I forget BarzooMonkey's Canis bellatoris... ;)

Hyrule Castle September 23 2007 2:08 PM EDT

so 3 people... maybe 4... use UC <.<

Sounds to me like UC needs some lovin *wink*

or SFBM :)

IndependenZ September 23 2007 2:20 PM EDT

Wait, there are more!

I think Jon didn't give it some love, because it's already quite nifty (when used right). All that defensive DX, for example.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] September 23 2007 2:50 PM EDT

i used UC and when i start my ncb i will use UC aswell (if i ever can start it)

AdminNightStrike September 23 2007 3:34 PM EDT

UC is a very niche strat. It's not that it is very underpowered, but more that it just doesn't appeal to a lot of people. One thing to keep in mind with UC is that you pretty much HAVE to put all of your WA into your ranged weapon. If you don't, you're wasting a TON of potential.

Now that the RBF is very different in terms of how it works, I'm not too sure what the best ranged weapon to use actually is, however. Possibly a SOD might be the best, now that you don't gain as much as you did previously by nuking the other guy's ST.

phrog September 23 2007 3:59 PM EDT

I use UC. I'm sure my numbers would be better if I put more into picking a better fight list.

Lumpy Koala September 23 2007 10:37 PM EDT

If something can be done on the training curve, or a little more boost on the damage...

I always love UC, and always have crazy ideas for them hehe If one of the below goes through, it should be rather enough :)

- Make it 20% easier to train
- Make it ignore AC granted by opponent's body armor, yes, just the body armor.
- Simply increase their damage multiplier by 20%

QBOddBird September 24 2007 9:05 AM EDT

Heck yeah. Do that, Lumpy, and we'll all train UC (ignoring the body armor) *grins*

8DEOTWP September 24 2007 9:39 AM EDT

hm, I think it'd make more sense if it ignored all armor except body/head, but then, even I'd use it

Lumpy Koala September 24 2007 11:37 AM EDT

come on guys, with Unarmed Combat: 3,221,132/1,312,353 (152) and 1.3mil str I can only do max of 400k per hit on a naked enchanter :P It's "reasonable" request hehehe I see a crappy SOD do much better than that.

AdminNightStrike September 24 2007 2:02 PM EDT

Unarmed Combat: 4,081,378/1,500,000 (173)

It doesn't get much better than that... Peak damage won't break 500k, let alone average.

IndependenZ September 24 2007 3:57 PM EDT

Woah, 152 and 173! I'm still at Unarmed Combat: 2,159,935/765,401 (122). Guess I still have a long way to go ;)

QBOddBird September 24 2007 11:03 PM EDT

Nice NS, sounds like that is hitting about as well as my Bloodlusted tank with the 15M BoTH on it and similar ST. *grins* Amazing what the EXP dump of UC does for a tank...*sighs*

Miandrital September 24 2007 11:10 PM EDT

OB has as much str as you two and he does approximately the same amount of damage. Coincidence? I think not.

Lumpy Koala September 24 2007 11:23 PM EDT

dude 15mil is easy to come by. May it be forging or fighting or USD, it won't take you more than 1 month. And it's scalable !

tell me how long will you take to get 4mil LEVEL of UC.

[RX3]Cotillion September 24 2007 11:27 PM EDT

15m in a month? Maybe if you have your NUB. I make less than 2m per week. Impossible to FIGHT or FORGE 15m CB2$$ in a month.

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] September 24 2007 11:56 PM EDT

You could easily get that much in a month by getting yourself a job.

[RX3]Cotillion September 25 2007 1:59 AM EDT

USD ftw! I have priorities.

AdminNightStrike September 25 2007 6:30 AM EDT

"tell me how long will you take to get 4mil LEVEL of UC."

It took me about 8 months.

AdminNightStrike September 25 2007 6:31 AM EDT

"Amazing what the EXP dump of UC does for a tank...*sighs*"

Or doesn't do.

UC is definitely not an easy strat to mess around with.

Adminedyit [Superheros] September 25 2007 3:15 PM EDT

have you actually trained all the exp on your UC team NS or are you still hoarding it?
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