Find Book: Get 1 million CBD! (in Contests)

deifeln October 4 2007 6:08 PM EDT

I have listed the author, title, publisher, and year for a book I would like below. I cannot find this book for purchase. If you post a direct link to a site where I can purchase this I will send you 1 million CBD. Only the first working link will count.


P.S. Check and see if it available in your library too...I can't find this sucker....

Author: J.C. Taylor
Title: Rietveld Made Easy: a Practical Guide to the Understanding of the Method and Successful Phase Quantifications
Publisher: Canberra
Year: 2001

DH October 4 2007 6:23 PM EDT

at the bottom, i bought one for college once...boring book its not Canberra the publisher..thats the city its published in

DH October 4 2007 6:24 PM EDT

all you need to do is contact them to buy it...

QBJohnnywas October 4 2007 6:26 PM EDT

I found that site too,

On the bottom of that page is a download of the intro to the book. Looks like the author died in 2002, the last print appears to have been in 2004. I searched by ISBN number through a number of sites as well and it's not available through any of the online 2nd hand dealers that I can see.

DH October 4 2007 6:33 PM EDT

ya got to contact them directly...thats how i did it, they are nice people...they are really fast too...theres a co-author on the book. i cant recall his name, hes not dead...should be able to get it, oh its I. Hinczak. hes also on the web...but your best bet is the link i provided you with.

QBJohnnywas October 4 2007 6:39 PM EDT

I'm pretty good at finding stuff, I can pretty much guarantee DH has found as much as is out there! Nice job! ;)

deifeln October 5 2007 12:56 PM EDT


They do not sell the book. Anybody else find one?

j'bob October 5 2007 1:01 PM EDT

that's weird, hope you told em they need to update their web info cause i saw it too where they say ... bla bla bla contact us to buy this book... bla blah...

DH October 5 2007 1:57 PM EDT

i contacted them directly and they were able to hook me up did you contact them?

DH October 5 2007 1:58 PM EDT

course that was a few years ago..

zeaderan October 5 2007 6:16 PM EDT

i checked a lib and it came up with these other lib that have the book:

Argonne Nat Lab - Argonne, IL 60439 United States
Stephen F Austin State University - Nacogdoches, TX 75962 United States
McGill University - Montreal, QC H3A 1Y1 Canada

hope that was helpful
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