PotatoHead/Hatchetman deal (in Public Record)

TheHatchetman October 5 2007 2:31 PM EDT

as per this thread he owes me 750k. I just received a CM showing his intent and willingness to pay. Thank you.

PotatoHead October 5 2007 2:32 PM EDT

PotatoHead (water) The Hatchetman
(Hatchet NCB take 1) $50000 2:31 PM EDT


TheHatchetman October 5 2007 2:32 PM EDT

or if he would prefer not to buy the MC, he can return it, his choice. As I'm no longer in debt, nor do I need the item, it matters not to me :)

TheHatchetman October 5 2007 2:34 PM EDT

Guess he's paying, in which case, I would ask that he go ahead and pay Lammy first :) He's running a bank, I'm just trying to stockpile money, and so by the level of urgency, Lammy should get payed first :)
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