Child's Play 2008. (in General)

Edicinnej October 6 2007 12:44 AM EDT

I was going through some old posts on the forum and noticed the Child's Play drive. Will we be doing it for 2008? I noticed the person who ran it for CB last year hasn't logged on in awhile. Does anyone know if they plan on running it again for '08 or if anyone else has stepped forward?

Flamey October 6 2007 12:45 AM EDT

He was inactive some time last year, came back for a few months during when the charity was on.

48Zach October 6 2007 9:55 AM EDT

Sukotto usually comes on to host it, and send the CB donation to the Child's Play foundation.

I usually help out with the sales and taking bids, placing tables, ect.

NightStrike usually provides loans for anyone who needs them to purchase any items at the Childs Play auction.

G_Beee transfers over the items to the winner, so that the Childs Play money doesnt drop for a reason like transfer fees, if I recall correctly..

The community helps out by donating items, money, buying the CB at the end, and making the whole thing possible.

So --- All around, its a community effort, with Sukotto being the one to host it ;)

AdminNightStrike October 10 2007 11:19 PM EDT

For the record, those loans I give are interest free ;)
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