CoC Strat (in General)

Ragatag October 9 2007 12:45 PM EDT

CoC strat for 4 minions, any ideas??

the basic concept would be to survive till melee rounds i presume. i was wondering though if this would be an effective strat to pursue (main dmg being CoC). Any advice or tips would be much appreciated.

QBsutekh137 October 9 2007 12:55 PM EDT

Other than checking around for other CoC 4-minion teams, I would have the following advice:

-- Evasion will be harder to concentrate if you start with all four minions, so it will probably not be all that effective as means of ranged survival. You are probably better off putting the CoC mage in front with an AoI to protect against physical and MM damage.
-- DBs will still be useful, perhaps resulting in fewer hits in ranged and in melee where your CoC will crank up,
-- HoC is a must, to get that CoC firing as soon as possible.
-- ToE is an obvious choice for tattoo in order to reduce damage, though the RoBF is a good idea these days too. CoC mage wearing RoBF and an AoI in front will give you a powerful front-side hit augmented by the spread-fire of the CoC mage once melee starts.
-- You can play with PL and TSAs on some supporting minions, and if you go that route, you might want to go ToE. Look at Oxcha for an example of very effective damage spread/reduction.

You are right -- you just need to make it to melee. A big choice will be ToE vs RoBF, as well as how to set up damage spread/reduction with supporting minions. You can also go the fairly standard AS/GA route in order to augment damage output, though remember that portion of your experience can be nullified by DM. Especially the GA. It is hard to get a huge GA _and_ a huge AS against a lot of the DM out there.

Talion October 9 2007 2:12 PM EDT

Here is what I would do:

Minion 1: DM covered by RoS + AS (equip RoS)
Minion 2: Small Evasion + CoC + small AMF (NSC + CoI + Elven gear)
Minion 3: EC + small Protection
Minion 4: EC + decent GA

With a 4-minion CoC team, you will always have trouble surviving against single FB mages, so this strat concentrates on everyone else.

Talion October 9 2007 2:12 PM EDT

Oh... don't forget the HoC on minion 2.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 9 2007 3:44 PM EDT

CoC is far more flexible that people think.
I think it's power is in it's flexibility.

RoS + CoC = AMF and DM protected GA massive HP and a whole lot of killing

ToE + CoC = a Mage that can dish it out and take it.

RoBF + CoC= Minion shredding death machine

and the list goes on...

I would suggest rather than locking yourself into a corner you take a look at your options, and build on them. Running a single RoBF CoC mage till 250k mpr would give you a nice base of XP to start with, from there you could hire another minion and begin training AS, or DM, or just HP. Ending up with 4 minions is almost a must, and hiring them before 1 mil MPR is also a good idea, but I'd consider building on a single larger minion, rather than 4 equals.

BootyGod October 9 2007 3:58 PM EDT

Woot. A subject I know.

Firstly, I believe CoC runs best -without- a tattoo on it. Put the RoBF on someone else and let -that- minion try and stay alive and absorb damage. A RoBF wall, if you will.

Recommended equipment/set up:

On the CoC mage, you have to spend money to keep him alive.

HoC. Sut is right. You HAVE to get the CoC off 4th round of ranged. You MUST. There is no choice here. A HoC makes such a huge difference, because a -huge- CoC can take out a ToA archer by itself in one shot. With 3 kill slots, it only gives them one chance to kill you, assuming they got through rest of team in one shot.

MCM. I could hear a case for both EH and TSA, but I hate penalties to DD, especially the huge penalty from TSA. You need to stay alive and let CoC dish damage. Not stay alive and not deal damage. Besides, with 3 kill slots and either a familiar, ToE, or RoBF, your CoC shouldn't be getting hit by anything other than FB.

CoI: Umm... duh?

AGs: Yeah. A-lot of people say NSCs to beat out AMF. But if the rest of your team is doing their job, all AMF will do is reduce your health, but rarely kill you. And as you should be using DM to get rid of AS and GA, I truly believe AGs are the way to go. But, if not, try NSCs. *shrug* both are good choices.

Footwear: Hard choice here. I have to disagree a bit with DBs. Maybe if you have tons of NW to back it up... And maybe if you go with some EC and are just using DBs as back up... But I use Chain Mail Leggings. Not too much of a penalty and gives lots of armor. Still, either is good again. Depends on what kind of cash you have.

Also, I like shields. Kite Shield and Mithril shield are both viable. Depends on personal tastes of balancing penalty with armor. But, Kite Shield can give an EASY 30-40 AC. So don't disregard it for it's non-rare standing.

CoC is versatile. But, above all, you have to keep it alive. There will rarely be quick kills.

I like DM, GA, and AS. Good, solid stats. RoS or not. The reason for GA is to make use of those ranged rounds. Let archers and FB bash themselves to death and making CoC's job easier.

BUT. All my viewpoints at a bit tinged. I ran a freakishly large mage with little support. My AS and GA weren't even on the first page of the stat (or GA was on the last column...). I like kill slots and targetting tank teams.

PS: MsK will own you without DBs. Don't try and pretend otherwise.

QBsutekh137 October 9 2007 5:23 PM EDT

CMLs on a mage? I would have to disagree with that. What kind of AC are you really hoping for on this mage? 200? 250? As you state (very well), if the other minions are doing their job, you shouldn't need a lot of AC on your mage to survive. Just a CoI and three other minions insures you will get a shot off against an archer, for example (assuming HoC).

I do agree that wearing a tattoo on a supporting minion could work, but I like novice's single-mage idea, at least for a while. In that case, the RoBF doesn't have anywhere else it can go.

BootyGod October 9 2007 7:47 PM EDT

What sut said. The only reason I use CML is for FB, and there aren't as many as there used to be. AND because I can't afford DBs. And an empty armor slot feels weird.

Also, yes, I agree with novice and sut said. Get the mage up first. That minion HAS to be strong. Which is why I included my bit at the bottom. ^.^ And look at sut and Atomicboy. (and if you wish) me. The mages are strong. Stronger than the rest of team by far. *shrugs*

Ragatag October 9 2007 9:06 PM EDT

Thanks guys, ill be workin on it :)

lostling October 9 2007 9:10 PM EDT

single minion high evasion small coc prey on single archers ;) enuff said

Fanta [Fanta's Forge] October 9 2007 10:05 PM EDT

A strategy I've used that works very well:

Enchanter: Junction, DM, GA - IF/SF, NS, HoC/Corn, AoI
Wall: Evasion, HP - Wall Gear
Enchanter: AS
Enchanter: DM

Lumpy Koala October 9 2007 10:56 PM EDT

I will go with Novice's advice on progressively grab new minions and starting single first.

Ultimately this is my suggestion :

M1 : HP + Evasion + RoBF + DB/EB + EG + AOF
M2 : some evasion + HP + CoC + TSA + COI + NSG + DB + EC + HOC + AOI
M3 : AMF
M4 : HP + PL + Heavy wall stuff

miteke [Superheros] October 12 2007 9:49 AM EDT

Minion 1: PL, AMF, AS
AoI, Corn

Minion 2: CoC
AoI, HoC, NS, DBs, CoI, MCM

Minion 3: Evasion, EC
AoF, Corn, Elven Gear, ToE

Minion 4: Hit Points
Wall Gear, Mage Shield

Archers have to carve through 3 minions to get to you. MM have to wear out your PL and carve through 2 minions. Tanks have to cut through 3 minions to get to you. The ToE keeps you alive even better. The thing is that this is a VERY expensive strat. Of course all multi round strats are expensive. Mine is very similar except I use a bloodlust tank which makes it even more expensive. In fact you may want to look at some successful bloodlust tank strategies and modify them for your purposes.

Another expensive and nice add on would be to train a small strength and dex on your first minion and equip him with a high accuracy stat draining crossbow. That's good for one or two more victims.
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