treasure hunt 25k (in Contests)

Unappreciated Misnomer October 13 2007 9:36 AM EDT

k so i cant find a good quality video or audio of a song called 'standard lines' by dashboard confessionals, i have done my own searching on youtube, myspace you know the drill, all i find are covers, i would really like to hear one of the actual band in good quality. and alas here i am asking the best place to find anything for moneh! thanks

48xVanished48 October 13 2007 9:41 AM EDT

The song could be here. Did not see it.

It wont let me post.. It says too many errors? Why is that?

Jake the Snayke October 13 2007 10:33 AM EDT just click play on one of them that you want to hear and then you get it. this website is really great. i listen to music all the time through it and you can hear many artists that are still kind of underground for the time being. i hope you enjoy

Unappreciated Misnomer October 13 2007 12:38 PM EDT

xVicious: thanks tho it doesnt have the song im looking for sry >.<

Jake the Snayke: thats the song but its only a clip(20sec), its not a popular song from what i can see, tho i can find many bad cover versions of it, just not the complete original

i just want to hear the whole tune, this song is used in a cartoon thats a favorite of mine, Clone High, you must of heard about it. ill up the prize to 50k for a complete track

sooka October 13 2007 2:21 PM EDT

Here ya go: SL

Unappreciated Misnomer October 13 2007 4:45 PM EDT

TheAdvertisementEconomy (Lorenzo) sooka (kevlar) $50000 -- treasure hunt 4:44 PM EDT

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