mini lotto (in Contests)

cookie dough October 14 2007 2:48 PM EDT

ok, the rules are to send 50k to cookie storage and to pick a number between 1-10.
(1 number per payment)
I will use
some prize $ will go to TP

cookie dough October 15 2007 11:10 PM EDT

ok, did anyone even click on the post?

Victimizer October 15 2007 11:32 PM EDT



I guess I did.

phrog October 15 2007 11:42 PM EDT

Okay, I give. I clicked it, too. Just now.

ShadowWulf October 16 2007 1:43 PM EDT


cookie dough October 16 2007 6:55 PM EDT

I hate you all........contest closed

j'bob October 16 2007 7:59 PM EDT

darn. too late.

Lord Bob October 18 2007 11:27 PM EDT

"some prize $ will go to TP "

Toilet Paper?
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