defeat the ROBF :) (in General)

lostling October 24 2007 8:00 PM EDT

usual ROBF build
AMF + evasion + hp

TOE (reduces alot of the damage)
COC (overwhelms ROBF resistance)
decay (ROBF doesnt affect it)

so instead of complaining that ROBF being impossible to defeat... i suggest we think of builds against it...

my solution
1:100% HP + base decay
TSA + NSC + HOC + heavy wall armor + AOAC
2:100% HP + base decay
TSA + NSC + HOC + heavy wall armor + AOAC
3:100% HP (PL trained and adjusted accordingly) + base decay
TSA + NSC + HOC + elven stuff + AOF
4:50% COC + 50% HP (ratio unsure)
TOE + NSC (ROBF users have massive AMF) + HOC

All TSA other then the one on the PL minion can be replaced by MCM or AC :) im just maximizing the build... with no regard about $$

comments and builds welcomed :)

TheHatchetman October 24 2007 8:13 PM EDT

1:100% HP + base decay = 5k AMF wiping out half your team's HP every round...

cookie dough October 24 2007 8:14 PM EDT

ditch the aof but good strat

lostling October 24 2007 8:17 PM EDT

=x i know that but the faster you kill him the better yes? the faster you kill him the lesser damage he does to you...

Tyriel [123456789] October 24 2007 8:29 PM EDT

1: Decent-sized MH, ToA, Axbow/no ranged weapon. HP + BL and other stats as may be necessary.

Bam. You win.

1: UC with Axbow/no ranged weapon, ToA (or CGI and other equipment, I don't know which would work better), HP and other stats as may be necessary.

Bam. You win.

Without a huge NW invested, even.

lostling October 24 2007 8:36 PM EDT

:) keep them coming

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] October 24 2007 8:40 PM EDT

Lol, please do :)

Tyriel [123456789] October 24 2007 8:44 PM EDT

The best counters to a RoBF strategy like that are the ToA, melee weapons, and CoC. Unless, of course, you're happy just stalemating.

If you really want to know how to beat a strategy, find somebody using it, check their fight logs, and see who beats them.

Nerevas October 24 2007 11:06 PM EDT

Naa see, you got is wrong. RoBF strat doesn't need -any- hp.

2 minion:

1st minion 100% evasion with AoF/cml/TGs/MS/HoD/RoBF (could see a good 30-40%+ DD reduction with that AC, and still MASSIVE evasion.

2nd minion base decay, 100% AMF. corn + NSCs.

50% total xp into AMF, then a fairly easy 40% reduction from armor, and RoBF to top it off. Look forward to all 0 dmg hits from mages.

20hp is all you need.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 24 2007 11:37 PM EDT

wouldn't amf and ga damage take out that 20 hp really quickly?

horseguy001 October 24 2007 11:46 PM EDT

Well in its current state, the RoBF is immune to any damage of that kind....interesting idea.

Nerevas October 24 2007 11:46 PM EDT

The decay would be on the 2nd minion, which is expendable. The RoBF minion does not have any form of attack to be retaliated against.

Relic October 24 2007 11:48 PM EDT

Nerevas that strat is foolish imo. The RoBF is best utilized by allowing your minion(s) to survive for as long as possible and to allow the RoBF splash damage kill the other team. Only training 20hp means you die in one hit. There is too much variance in DD and PTH to gamble with no HP. I have around 30% HP and the rest split evenly between Evasion and AMF. I get worked by ToA archers and big mages still break through. My AMF is almost 500K now and my Evasion effective level is 95.

The RoBF is quite strong in the lower ranks due to so many mages splitting their exp and item boosts being small due to small DD. I am finding at higher levels the RoBF gets worked because a mage that gets an extra 10% boost to a 100k FB is quite a bit different than a 10% boost to a 1 mil FB.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] October 24 2007 11:48 PM EDT

ah yes, my bad. i was still in my single minion mentality...sorry!

QBsutekh137 October 25 2007 1:06 AM EDT

Wait, GA doesn't retaliate against RoBF?

lostling October 25 2007 1:09 AM EDT

took you long enuff to figure that out :) yea it doesn't hehe

Nerevas October 25 2007 7:04 AM EDT

Immune to GA, AMF, and EC of course. Oh and cannot be absorbed by PL.

QBsutekh137 October 25 2007 10:12 AM EDT

Cannot be absorbed by PL either... Well, I don't get that or the GA thing at all. Damage is damage. Yeah, it did take me that long to figure out, mainly because I don't use GA. *smile* If I did, you know I would be whining a lot louder! *laugh*

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 25 2007 1:02 PM EDT

The usual. /sigh

4 Minions, splattering of AoI, a TSA wearing PL minion, and a massive AC/MgS Wall.

Add abilities and items to taste.

Seriously, shouldn't we be thinking of how to get rid of *this* boring staple cookie cutter instead?

QBsutekh137 October 25 2007 1:44 PM EDT

I have been railing against boring damage reduction builds for probably 9 months now... Especially damage reduction builds that foil mages.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 25 2007 1:45 PM EDT

Well. I guess. Any ideas? :) , especially for those of us who don't have a huge wall set ;)

QBsutekh137 October 25 2007 1:52 PM EDT

If you don't have a huge wall, kill it first via massive ranged magic and/or archery. That's a standard kill method across the board. *smile* Of course, a lot of RoBF folks are able to have a large Evasion and AMF at the same time, so it gets tricky.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] October 25 2007 2:09 PM EDT

If you don't have a huge wall kit, start with a small wall kit, a ToE and PL.

You can't lose.


Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] October 25 2007 2:24 PM EDT

=D. I'm running an ROBF strat. So i don't really need to. :)
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