Strategy Help (in General)

BootyGod October 26 2007 1:49 PM EDT

Cone of Cold + IF
Magic missle + SF
Magic missle + IF
Fireball + FF

Etc, etc.

That's all I want to know. What combination do you all think works best. NOTHING else will be changed. Telling me "Go IF, but train evasion, lose the GA, and get some DBs" will just make me sad and annoyed, because I can't afford the DBs and I refuse to use evasion because I'm irrationally stubborn.

Thanks ^.^!

AdminNightStrike October 26 2007 1:51 PM EDT

Accompany this with a screenshot of your home page to paint a better picture and yield a more accurate answer.

BootyGod October 26 2007 2:27 PM EDT

BootyGod October 26 2007 3:10 PM EDT

Come on! Lol!

Iluvatar[NK] October 26 2007 3:41 PM EDT

Home page. That doesn't help at all.

Talion October 26 2007 3:42 PM EDT

After much thought, I think COC+SF is the way to go.

Train EC with your COC so you at least have a chance of reducing your opponent's DX to 0 and maximize your DB usage so your CoC has a chance of reaching melee to do its damage.

Flamey October 26 2007 8:20 PM EDT

I always thought MM + FF worked best.

Adminedyit [Superheros] October 26 2007 8:29 PM EDT

This works very nicely.

Nerevas October 26 2007 10:20 PM EDT

I'm a big fan of Fire+Fire, both with HoC and AGs.
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