j'bob loaning Seeker of Truth a ToA (in Public Record)

j'bob October 26 2007 4:02 PM EDT

just like it says above. NO charge. I'm loaning The Seeker of Truth my Tattoo of Augmentation currently 156,424 for as long as he would like to use it or when I want it back with 1 week notice to him here in PR.
I'm gonna send it perm and pay the transfer fee (almost 30k) if he's willing to pay the return transfer fee. If he agrees to that we'll say a loan for no less than 1 month. Sound fair? I'll leave it to him to post any changes he might want and I'll send it when we're both agreed.

RichardRahl{Kill Gun} October 26 2007 5:10 PM EDT

agreed :)

j'bob October 26 2007 5:48 PM EDT

j'bob (Chame) The Seeker of Truth
(The Confessor) A Tattoo of Augmentation ($2974928) 5:46 PM EDT

Sent, have fun.
and um, how come I didn't get one of those sword raising oath thingies?

j'bob November 15 2007 12:44 AM EST

Just a matter of record, Seeker/D'Hara has returned the ToA and this thread can be considered closed!
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