what is this? (in General)

sooka October 26 2007 10:05 PM EDT

I ran across a while back and was wondering what it means or how significant it was.

Flamey October 26 2007 10:11 PM EDT

that link name is unpg :\

AdminG Beee October 26 2007 10:17 PM EDT

Fined sooka $50k for being a doofus...

Yukk October 26 2007 10:20 PM EDT

Well, you can hardly blame the guy. He said he didn't know what it was :)
Of course, I don't either because you got to his post before I got here.

sooka October 26 2007 10:21 PM EDT

....um it was a google search, and it seemed like it should be addressed, why is that considered being a dufus?

sooka October 26 2007 10:22 PM EDT

actually I demand to know what was done wrong here, and this PG thing is getting out of control... whatever that was in the site I posted should be explained.

sooka October 26 2007 10:25 PM EDT

being called a doofus without even addressing the post is really going to P me off.

AdminG Beee October 26 2007 10:29 PM EDT

Oh well. Never mind, I can live with that.

However, seeing as you "demand" to know.

You've been here long enough to know that anything with the "F" word all over it won't be tolerated on the forum board.

sooka October 26 2007 10:35 PM EDT

ummm it was a link...... and I didn't post it in the forum... why don't you read the friggin post and then go off on me? Seriously... I don't know what to do with this whole PG thing even if it means trying to look out for this game and understand things that might be on a site that has a cuss word in it. I've already disabled chat because of the touchiness of the whole PG thing and I refuse to ignore the forums... but if this is how things are going to be handled... then I shall depart.

sooka October 26 2007 10:42 PM EDT

Oh well, it's on Jon's hands.. This will be the breaking point for me, to be heard.

Iluvatar[NK] October 26 2007 10:58 PM EDT

I think it's perfectly rational for sooka to worry about a possible exploit.

However, he could have handled it with more tact:

Copy paste the text of the other forum here in quotes, and explain the context of where you found it. Qualify that the source link is non-pg, and ask permission to post it or CM an admin.

It would have made this much cleaner and effective.

AdminG Beee October 26 2007 10:59 PM EDT

To be clear, and to avoid doubt.

I opened the link. The first word that leaped out at me was the "f" word all nice and shiny. That's not big, and that's not clever. Flamey picked up on it on the thread immediately, as did I, and any other person who would have opened it. By the time I'd deleted it from the thread it was the topic of conversation in chat. Only the un-pg content of course, as no-one had actually gotten around to reading the actual article.

Not complicated...

Keep the language on your links in line with the language you would expect to see in chat. If there's un-pg content on the page you wish to link, then copy and paste it.

If my first reply offended you (and it clearly did) then I apologise for calling you a "doofus" and suggest you try this link instead of the one you posted.

I'm off to bed...

sooka October 26 2007 11:04 PM EDT

no, I'm sorry... humor isn't inclusive of a fine of 50k. Sugar coat it as you will, it's beyond that. Sorry I don't know how to post things without website names... I still want to know what was in that website and what it means, but being the PG gods as they are... this will reluctantly come to an ill conclusion.

Sweet dreams. I still think you are one hell of an admin, all things aside.

Iluvatar[NK] October 26 2007 11:09 PM EDT

I actually did read the article and was relatively untroubled (though surprised) by the profanity.

I doubt sooka is so incredibly insipid and nescient as to post what is such a flagrant abuse of the PG rules without some reason. Pursuant, I looked over the content in the link, which was mildly interesting.

Overall, Sooka: I am not too sure what it does because the wording was so vague. However, it is not something I am overly concerned about - even if it was something exploitable, I trust in Jon's coding and backups.

sooka October 26 2007 11:13 PM EDT

I'm glad I have your approval, but to those that don't know that language it did deem interest... and didn't know the dogs would be let out for addressing it. I would still like to know what it means, and have explanation rather than fancy vocabulary granting worthiness.

SCORPIOUS October 29 2007 1:55 PM EDT

I would just like to say that i applaud the CB admin gang for taking a firm stance on this subject , and in trying to stand up and set an Example when the rest of the world seems to have a "Dont Give a care" attitude when it comes to innapropreate language use. Why do you think 11 12 year old kids run around swearing ? Because people are too blarsay in using that sort of language .

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] October 29 2007 2:00 PM EDT

"Censoring Un-PG language from your own chat with **** or &%#*& is not acceptable." Probably the same is true of the boards, even in defense of the admins. ;)

Adminedyit [Superheros] October 29 2007 3:13 PM EDT

well said bast :-)

BootyGod October 29 2007 5:10 PM EDT

There have been far greater injustices committed upon an individual than this, sooka. If, indeed, this can be considered an injustice. *hits sooka with a tranq dart* Sleepy time.

Maelstrom October 29 2007 5:26 PM EDT

Welcome to the twilight zone, where the Drama Llama tells others to chill out about "injustices".


Adminedyit [Superheros] October 29 2007 5:38 PM EDT

I can hear Rod Serling doing the intro now

You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You've just crossed over into... the Twilight Zone.

drudge October 29 2007 6:24 PM EDT

ok, sooka, can you just paste the URL to me in a chatmail? ill explain the article to you without getting mad about the foul language.

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] October 29 2007 6:59 PM EDT

Yeah, if there are naughty words, Drudge is your man!

lostling October 29 2007 8:12 PM EDT

i never did understand the PG rule in the 1st place lol... if its to encourage people to play im all for it... i just roll with it as they say :)
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