One Single Mage strat, with a twist please (in General)

QBSefton [Black Cheetah Bazaar] October 29 2007 10:07 AM EDT

Got a single mage and you REALLY need another minion, but do not have millions of dollars to spend? Using an RoE to max rewards? Give this a shot! Just add any familiar generating tattoo, but a really small one. One that does very little to your PR. For example, my single mage has a 32K Jig tattoo and his max tattoo is 820K. Not only do I grow a small tattoo in the process, but, believe it or not that extra minion, splits the first fireball attack up, such that you can add a few more people to your fight list. That is it really, it is that simple.

Is it a world beater? No way, its just a simple easy way to add kill slots without adding much PR or spending millions of dollars on an WAY overpriced meat shield. Any PR can add a quick and easy kill slot, for virtually nothing. Give it a try, I doubt it will do much for any strat but a single mage strat, but if that is you, wont hurt or cost much to try!

QBJohnnywas October 29 2007 10:20 AM EDT

It came of something of a surprise to me a little while back how little my enchanters on a four minon team actually contributed, apart from being kill slots. Didn't matter what I trained on them, or even how much HP, so long as they were there. I guess the kill slot coupled with a good attack is one of the best ways to a successful strat.

I'm not sure if it's a good thing, or really depressing, considering the amount of time I've spent on strategy talks!!! ;)

AdminNightStrike October 29 2007 10:33 AM EDT

Where'd you get a 32k JKF??

Kong Ming October 29 2007 10:39 AM EDT

That's a pretty decent idea. Time to stock up on lesser tats ;)

Lumpy Koala October 29 2007 11:24 AM EDT

That's a good strategic touch if the few you add to fight list gives you more than 20% challenge bonus on average. Else it will still be much better MPR growth rate by using an ROE and fight a bit lower :)

In the end, it's all about how you add a little more fun to your CB fighting experience

QBJohnnywas October 29 2007 11:30 AM EDT

Fun, Lumpy, the magic word! ;)

Lumpy Koala October 29 2007 11:35 AM EDT

hehe of course, would you think of anyone else more nonsensical than me to run the strat I have :P (If that can even be called as a strat hehe)

Iluvatar[NK] October 29 2007 2:27 PM EDT

Hurrah! He used "Nonsensical"!

Now just change your name back :P

Sefton: That's a good idea - a kill slot that drains only ~1/6 of your exp instead of 1/2.

And cheaper.

Quite interesting, actually.

chuck1234 October 29 2007 5:11 PM EDT

you can get a Halidon familiar instead of a JKF :)

Daz October 29 2007 7:43 PM EDT

I dropped my 'A Tattoo of Endurance lvl 592,228' and picked up a base FF. The extra minion soaks up a boatload of damage - enough to make my mage more likely to survive by a significant amount. Not only that, but my fight rewards went up (a fair amount) from the drop of $12,803,281 NW...
It's damage stays at nothing, but whatever. Maybe I should change it to a HF.

Hyrule Castle October 30 2007 12:40 AM EDT

i too tested this out, being a SFBM and all... but my rewards dropped 6% and i am unable to beat many more opponents...though i would guess im closer than was before :(

seems there is no loving for the SFBM

*wink wink* jon!
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