Help me pick out a TV! My old one just died. :( (in Off-topic)

SNK3R October 31 2007 4:32 PM EDT

So, my old school Phillips TV just died on me today. (Ahh! I can't play Guitar Hero 3!) Help me find a good TV!

I have a max of about $3,000 I want to spend on it, but lower is always better. The TV should probably be some form of flat-screen; out with the big, and in with the skinny. The screen size should be somewhat decent. The old one I had was only about 27", so anything above. The TV may have HDTV capabilities, but it's not required. I need to be able to connect one RCA to play video-games, etc, as well as have an S-video. (This should be a duh since most TVs almost always have these now-a-days.) I don't have any type of audio system, so the TV should also come with some decent speakers (internally?). I'd like this TV to last me quite a while (the last one died after about 10 years or so).

What TVs (with the above stipulations) would you recommend? (Please provide links with images.)

QBsutekh137 October 31 2007 4:49 PM EDT

3000 dollars should get you very, very far. *smile*

Go to TV area and check it out. Three grand is WAY more than you should need to spend for something in the 27-32 inch arena.

I'm not going to get into plasma vs LCD vs DLP or anything of that nature -- too many opinions. A buddy of mine just bought a Vizio and is happy with it, but other than that, I don't want to fight a holy war. Do some research, check out a place with a lot of TVs displayed, and then buy.

SNK3R October 31 2007 4:50 PM EDT

Ranger recommended the Panasonic TH 42PX77U and Pioneer Kuro PDP-5080HD.

QBsutekh137 October 31 2007 5:23 PM EDT

Nice TVs. I still think you might want to do your own research on LCD vs plasma vs DLP, etc. I can't beleive how cheap LCDs have gotten, but I also don't know all the pros and cons of each. My brother bought a JVC DLP TV a few years ago (52 inch) and he likes it.

You might want to set a lower price point sooner than later, like $1200 instead of $3000. If you stick with $3000 as a limit in your head, you will ALWAYS be able to find a way to spend it. *smile* Then again, it's your money, and I am the last person who should lecture about fiscal responsibility when it comes to tech buys! *laugh*

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] October 31 2007 5:38 PM EDT

I started here. And decided LCD instead of plasma, because I put the reminders on, then fall asleep, and I didn't want to risk the burn-in.

There's also this one.

Or just Google: "how to buy a" TV

Also, I've been to all the major big box toy stores, and have decided that the ability to get sharp/well-saturated black is big for me. If you're going to play all the games like the cool kids with your TV, you might also be concerned by good contrast, which seems mostly to start at black being "true black" instead of "grey that's close enough".

My issue isn't budget, but size. So, if anyone knows of a 26" that is only 18" high, with stand, in an LCD HDTV, that's what I want.

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] October 31 2007 6:39 PM EDT

This one seems to have some high-ratings: Panasonic TH-50PZ700U

drudge October 31 2007 6:55 PM EDT

we got a 50" sony wega at home we've had only one lamp change with so far in the last 2+ years. its an older one so the model number wont do you any good but i really like the TV.

the best thing is too look at them before you buy too. i spent like 45min in a best buy looking at all the menus on the tv, the options available, i changed the darkness and contrast and stuff like that to make sure it didn't have any handicapped features.

hdmi is great if you don't mind spending extra on cables and/or splitters.

QBsutekh137 October 31 2007 11:40 PM EDT

The only problem with spending 45 minutes at Best Buy is the 45 minutes of chirpy idiots asking if you need help, need an extended warranty, or want to subscribe to 8 "free" issues of Entertainment Retarded Weekly.

If you can survive that, then deciding on a TV will be child's play. *smile*

Khardin November 1 2007 1:38 AM EDT

Costco gives a 2 year manufacturers warranty with any electronics and a 6 month return policy.. At least that's our policy in the bay area region, you would be best served checking in your area. The prices are usually good and it's about the best standard warranty/return policy you can find.

Mem November 3 2007 1:13 AM EDT

I'm a huge fan of the Sharp Aquos 42" 1080p LCD television. I've gotten my father and sister both to purchase one, and Circuit City has frequently been putting them on sale for around $1300, which is a far cry from the $1900, or so, that its regular price begs.

What ever you end up going with make sure it's 1080p-- as in progressive scan. If it's not you may have some issues when (or if) this new television broadcasting system goes into place. Now, that's not until 2009, but that certainly would make your new TV obsolete before those 10 years that you wanted...

Mem November 3 2007 1:18 AM EDT

Oh, and just to weigh in on the matter of LCD vs. plasma vs. DLP, LCD is the way to go... for now. LCD development is just so much further along than the other two, though I believe DLP has the most upside-- the truest colors can be achieved with it.
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