Ling forging again (in Services)

{cb1}Linguala November 3 2007 4:03 PM EDT

Alright ladies and gentlemen, you've read the header.
I'm in a forging mood and ready to take on everything for 65%
500k mpr, I do somewhere between 200k and 350k a day.

TheHatchetman November 3 2007 4:06 PM EDT

even a AoAC? :P

Iluvatar[NK] November 3 2007 4:11 PM EDT

Are you inclined to take on this helm:

A Helm of Durin [9] (+18) 1,015,221

to +20?

{cb1}Linguala November 3 2007 4:16 PM EDT

AoAC of Hatchetman is on my list now, after this job it seems that Hatchet will have a few other items ready for me to forge.

AoAC to +20 starting right away.

TheHatchetman November 3 2007 4:17 PM EDT

got Linguala lined up for a bunch of work. Starting with:

An Amulet of AC [0] (+16) 878,432

going to +20. items will be sent permanently, and transfers back will be payed by me :)

{cb1}Linguala November 5 2007 12:04 AM EST

finally, the first + has been added.

An Amulet of AC [0] (+17) 1,209,030

{cb1}Linguala November 7 2007 10:44 AM EST

An Amulet of AC [0] (+16) 878,432
has now become
An Amulet of AC [0] (+18) 1,664,312
by the time this hits +20, i'll be an old and senile man robbed of his youth.

{cb1}Linguala November 7 2007 10:57 AM EST

+19 to be expected after use of 1485 ba
projected average use of ba per day: 360
1485/360 = 4.2 ish
so, next upgrade should be in 4 days, 5 hours give or take a few hours

{cb1}Linguala November 10 2007 7:10 PM EST

An Amulet of AC [0] (+16) 878,432
has now become
An Amulet of AC [0] (+19) 2,291,301

I'm so tempted to use the dwarf for the final upgrade...
pushing on to the last +

{cb1}Linguala November 14 2007 10:50 AM EST

An Amulet of AC [0] (+16) 878,432
has now become
An Amulet of AC [0] (+20) 3,154,755

nw difference: 2276323
at 65%: 1479610 $
Transfer fee: $25,158 (Includes discounted rate)

grand total of: 1504768 $.

Ladies and gentlemen, all jobs from now on are 70% with the exception of the usual stuff like dbs, helms an amulets. Those will be 72%.
AoAC will be 85%(this service only available for big clients).

{cb1}Linguala November 14 2007 2:03 PM EST

seems like hatchet won't be needing my services anymore, so line up peeps.
Big 1.8m char to forge with and I'll be forging a whoooole lot.
Let the line fill up!!!

{cb1}Linguala November 15 2007 2:49 PM EST

I wonder how the blacksmith feels when he doesn't get any jobs days in a row...

Colonel Custard November 16 2007 3:51 PM EST

I have an AoM I'd like worked on a bit. Do you think you could do from +8 to +11, a 2.1 mil difference in NW?
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