There's some kind of major bug here... (in General)

Mem November 4 2007 11:53 AM EST

I just hopped on to burn my 7 BA only to find that I had 122. Now I'm not normally opposed to getting free BA, but when I started to burn it things got funky. I got to about 116 and when I fought again the screen just went white. I had to hit the home page to get out of it, and when I did my BA count was back at 122 and all my XP was gone. So I tried it again. Same thing happened at 116, only this time when I refreshed I had 123 BA. Now I'm here asking for this to be fixed because if I can't fight then what is this game? Not a game...

Mem November 4 2007 11:53 AM EST

After posting that and going to my home page I now have 124 BA.

Kong Ming November 4 2007 11:54 AM EST

I have an additional of 100 BA too. Nice bug ;)

QBsutekh137 November 4 2007 11:55 AM EST

I was reset to 77 several times.

I think the server is hiccupping...

Lumpy Koala November 4 2007 12:25 PM EST

dang... I still have the stupid 7/20 :P Why can't I get 122/20 :)
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