Ideas for the New Year! (in General)

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] November 9 2007 2:44 AM EST

So, here is a list of things that those of us in chat right now would like to see back:

Cloak of Thought (No clue but JS brought it up)

Add to the list! Maybe Jon will give us all a New Years treat from here.

BootyGod November 9 2007 2:46 AM EST

Mage skills
Reduction to MgS
An assassin to get rid of Ranger :P
One for everyone else in BR.


BluBBen November 9 2007 2:47 AM EST

/me seconds GW

Give us pants!

BootyGod November 9 2007 2:50 AM EST

<LastRomantic[NK]> btw GW
<LastRomantic[NK]> mem can live
<LastRomantic[NK]> the others can all die

He brings up a good point. Write that down, assassin.

And I hate when the spell check goes off....

Oh, and I really would like to see a new tattoo for mages. Something that makes it worth not having a CoI.

(By the way, weird thing, The letters after Last Romantic don't flag on the first page, but still prevent from posting on second...)

Flamey November 9 2007 2:52 AM EST

Get rid of 2H penalty on BoM.
Reduce MgS.
Fix the RoBF.

BluBBen November 9 2007 2:56 AM EST

Boost RoS
Nerf RoBF
Nerf Ranger damage
Get rid of two hand penalty for BoM
Give us a new Mage item!

QBJohnnywas November 9 2007 3:11 AM EST

Free money for everyone in my clan :P

Dark Dreky November 9 2007 12:41 PM EST

Nerf/Change RoBF
Boost/Change RoS
Nerf/Change Ranged Damage (maybe Ranger damage separately too lol)
Change BA costs for NCB's

New tattoo? Could be anything, just not familiar!

chuck1234 November 9 2007 12:48 PM EST

beef up the Halidon familiar, make it more exciting with some evasion, magic resistance, or some such gem to keep people interested, perhaps make it a tank version of the RoBF

as for the RoBF, my lips are sealed, i'm an interested party ;)

FailBoat[SG] [Forever Alone] November 9 2007 2:34 PM EST

After watching my Score to PR/MPR ratio... I've decided RBFs are overpowered. But please wait to nerf them until I've paid off the last mil of my loan. ^.^

Lord Bob November 10 2007 2:40 PM EST


No races, please.

I'd like an Evasion nerf. Or just allow DX to count for more chance to hit than it does.

AC displayed on the home page as enchantment AC/full AC.

And as I mentioned before:
Make rare items rare again, and fix all the "pointless" items so that they become viable for low-mid level chars to use up until the upper-middle ranks.

For this to work, we'll probably need to -partially- go back to the old weapon damage upgrade scale. This time have the upgrade costs start out very low and increase by a fixed amount per x instead of remaining constant. Example: A Morgul-Hammer costs 512 to go from x1-x2, 1024 to x3, 1536 to x4, and so on. x50 would cost 25088. This allows new chars to add a bit of "oomph" to their smaller weapons at a less than devastating cost, and discourages the prevailing "just save up for a rare instead" attitude.
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