PR and VPR (in General)

BootyGod November 12 2007 1:01 PM EST

Get rid of PR. Make it all VPR.

You're driving me crazy and you're doing it for no reason. The worlds out to get me.


But... Seriously... End this? Redundancy is bad, mmkay?

Maelstrom November 12 2007 1:05 PM EST

Just train your XP. Problem solved. No need to go crazy.

BootyGod November 12 2007 1:06 PM EST

What if I don't want to? What if I want to save for a sudden burst, or I'm thinking of retraining?

If -everything- is done by VPR, then PR is worthless.

AdminNightStrike November 12 2007 5:58 PM EST

you mean MPR is worthless

AdminNightStrike November 12 2007 5:58 PM EST

Weapon allowance takes a hit here... that is, your WA will skyrocket while your MPR remains the same.
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