Help me find better Tank game? (in Off-topic)

phrog November 12 2007 6:19 PM EST

I'm looking for a game like what is found Tanks

I once played a much more detailed version that we installed at work and played on the intranet.

Anybody seen something like it?

QBOddBird November 12 2007 8:22 PM EST

Scorched Earth was the first version of this I had ever seen, and it was pretty fun.

There's a much more enjoyable, 3-D, multi-player etc. version of Scorched Earth called Scorched Earth 2000 or something of that nature. It's free to download, far as I know. A Google search ought to come up with it, I'm sure...

drudge November 12 2007 8:23 PM EST

no, but i used to play this a lot before i got my current job:

phrog November 12 2007 10:24 PM EST

Scorched Earth was it. Excellent responses, thanks!!!

TheHatchetman November 13 2007 12:11 AM EST

CB has tanks...

phrog November 13 2007 12:33 AM EST

Yeah, mine is a UC tank. I guess I need a better tank game here, too. Ha!

drudge November 13 2007 7:58 PM EST

you have a scorched earth with detail? the only one i had was like for my 386 machine

phrog November 13 2007 8:41 PM EST

scorched earth 3d is the most detailed
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