newbie looking for advice on stats and skills (in New players)

Zechzer November 13 2007 6:42 AM EST

would appreciate if someone could explain some basic stuff about the stats and skills

Flamey November 13 2007 6:44 AM EST

You could probably do a better job yourself looking at the Help! pages which are located in the top left of your sidebar. You'd want to look under basics and that'd explain it real good for you. :)

Welcome to CB. :)

8DEOTWP November 13 2007 6:45 AM EST

:elaborate: and there will be much guidance by CB

QBOddBird November 13 2007 12:05 PM EST

Plus, if you ask around in Chat, people are always willing to help.

Basically though, the main stats you see on your page are:

HP - life
ST - strength
DX - dexterity

Beyond that, there are skills to help your individual minions; and there are enchantments that affect your whole team, and sometimes your opponent's team as well.

Like they said before me though, going to the 'Help!' is your best bet.

Welcome to CB! ^_^
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