Is the Carnage Blender [and Jonathan's] Business Model flawed? (in Off-topic)

chuck1234 November 15 2007 9:07 AM EST

I've recently come across a game called Vile City, in which the players can buy items and points as a matter of course from the game system, whether as a one-off or as a monthly, quarterly subscription. This is in addition to the free game-play. There are many other games that have a similar business model, i.e., wherein items and points can be bought from the game system. In Vile City, there is an auction system as well, similar to CB2.

Since many players over here at CB2 do use US$ for enhanced game-play, why doesn't CB2 factor this into its business model?

This necessity for a robust business model is particularly important if you are going to explore the lucrative Facebook market.

Maybe, we should have a vote on this topic, but I don't expect there to be too much resistance since even free gameplay is quite appealing on CB2, and even when the system sells items and points, the players are free to auction them off, or to sell them to others for US$.

BluBBen November 15 2007 9:16 AM EST


The USD spenders already got a big enought advantage. And this would increase inflation even more.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] November 15 2007 9:23 AM EST

methinks you underestimate the resistance. there have been two camps in cb, the purists and those who think you should be able to buy an advantage. what has happened over time though is that many of the ones who have taken advantage of the net worth side are now coming over to the side of the purists and saying that usd may have too much influence in cb land. whether this is for altruistic game balance reasons or because they now realize that they could keep their advantage if the taps were cut off we can only surmise.

QBJohnnywas November 15 2007 9:33 AM EST

Definite no for me; that kind of two tier gameplay is really annoying. If you really want to get into a game in depth you have no choice but to spend real money.

I've no problems with spending money on supporter stuff, but if I also had to spend real money to get a decent weapon or play at a proper level I would probably not bother and say my farewells.

We already have a few who have spent big bucks, at least we have the illusion that they're not playing a different game to us. Introduce a system such as the one you describe and even that illusion vanishes.

Lochnivar November 15 2007 9:35 AM EST

'explore the lucrative Facebook market'

I'm quite sure that Jonathan has never been in this for the money....

Vive la resistance!

chuck1234 November 15 2007 9:38 AM EST

ouch, for once i felt as if this were Moskva and the Kremlin was still flying the 80s hammer n sickle red flag ;)

QBsutekh137 November 15 2007 9:44 AM EST

Aren't there also examples of games that have no transfers and no system-based USD-buy tools, thereby being completely out of the USD market? For example, a friend who plays WoW said you can't transfer a weapon from one player to another (though I assume you can transfer gold...I have never played) That would mean there would be no USD weapon market in such a scenario. You aren't going to give money to someone for something they can't give you.

I think that if you removed transfers from CB, the business model would reach consistent perfection. Everyone plays on an even field, and Jonathan only charges for gameplay conveniences like fightlists. Look at Facebook -- one of the more lucrative things going right now is their icon buffet -- selling cheesy little icons, purely virtual, purely a luxury. A lot of revenue is being generated from that. I like that kind of model. You pay extra for convenience and time savings, but you can't pay your way to the top of anything. Like I said, "perfect".

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] November 15 2007 10:23 AM EST

The Majority of high end items in WoW are either 'Soulbound' or bind on use.

All quest received items are soulbound, and others either bind when whoever picks them up from a mob, or bind when you equip/use them.

Some high end enchantments (buffs applied to items) bind that item to the enchater when cast.

Soulbound items can't be traded to another player.

But Gold trading and things like Charcater Leveling (or Reputation Grinding) do have a strong USD market.

th00p November 15 2007 3:30 PM EST

Jon (and thus CB) is not flawed.

Example 1: The amazing community.

'nuff said.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 20 2007 1:29 PM EST

Amen, Th00pie.

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 20 2007 1:34 PM EST

Cb's model is not flawed. The only problem is the low amount of people playing. But hey, Jon said he was not "losing" any money running the game, so I guess it's all right.
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