:) HI im new here (in New players)

Emma Ai November 22 2007 2:22 AM EST

Well like the topic said im new here XD so what should i do

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] November 22 2007 2:27 AM EST


Emma Ai November 22 2007 2:39 AM EST

:P Hi i read through some of the help but i still don't understand what to do care to help?
And when i first start playing there is suppose to be a chat box or something below right? After i install the java thingy the chat box thing completely disappear...help?

AdminG Beee November 22 2007 3:01 AM EST

Looks like Emma Ai wasn't allocated a mentor. Would someone please care to help her out with the basics. I'm late for work :)

Welcome to CB Emma Ai. If you're having problems with your java please have a read of our FAQ on the topic and see if that helps.

Emma Ai November 22 2007 3:05 AM EST

Help again? I just bought bow and arrow but how can i use them plz? Someone reply?

j'bob November 22 2007 3:07 AM EST

sent you a chatmail about that instead of cluttering the thread. click on community, then chatmail to see if it's there so you can learn how to chat thru mail. till then.
slings=iron shot

0mgifl3w November 28 2007 9:16 PM EST

okokokokok hi im new here...but i have a high level character...
if u have a myspace add me PUNKS supporter

RVT December 3 2007 5:22 PM EST

Im new too, how do you like it so far?

Auric101 December 6 2007 10:23 PM EST

new here...
Can anyone explain the loss of abilities that occurs when your away from the game for a time?

thanks in advance

QBOddBird December 6 2007 11:23 PM EST

There's no loss of abilities when you are away from the game for a time. That was pure coincidence, we've just been part of a change in the game - Jonathan (the game creator) had a rescale.
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