Question about GA (in New players)

CrimsonBlaze November 22 2007 4:44 AM EST

May i know wat is the most effective way to reduce dmg of GA beside ToE?

Flamey November 22 2007 5:17 AM EST

Well, normal damage reduction methods. GA will reflect the same type of damage that is dealt to it. So if a magical attack hits the minion with GA, then it will reflect magical damage which isn't reduced as much by AC.

j'bob November 22 2007 5:24 AM EST

Protection helps as well, no? I use a combination of ToE, decent AC, and Protection (no magic from me).
But this got me thinking, I don't use a VB, but does the AC slicing damage from the VB come back as AC slicing damage thru the GA?

Flamey November 22 2007 5:59 AM EST

Protection would help, that comes under normal damage reduction methods. I believe that seeing as VB is physical damage, it is that, it doesn't go onto effects otherwise we'd have some trippy things going on with leech.

Wizard'sFirstRule November 22 2007 7:24 AM EST

I think DM would reduce damage from GA as well. DM lowers the level of their GA and hence you take less damage.

j'bob November 22 2007 7:25 AM EST

ahhhhh very interesting point! ^

Talion November 22 2007 7:40 AM EST

AC, ToE, DM, Protection are the four standard methods.

However, I see by looking at your characters that you usually need to survive until combat rounds...

So VA for your UC thank could help against GA.

For your CoC char, just make sure your CoC is as big as it can get. If the damage done by CoC is much bigger than the GA level, it will reduce the backlash greatly.
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