why isnt central bank in wiki (in General)

drudge November 27 2007 1:39 PM EST

i got no idea what it does and digging through forums for "central bank" is a nightmare. why no wiki?

bartjan November 27 2007 1:43 PM EST

Because you haven't added the article?

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 27 2007 1:59 PM EST

If you edit a page by adding a link that does not exist in it, does it create a new page at the end of that link? (How do you create new wiki pages?)

QBOddBird November 27 2007 2:24 PM EST

Why would you add a new page for it? It's right there under 'Economy', available from the main Wiki page.

AdminG Beee November 27 2007 2:28 PM EST

Edit it from here.

SNK3R November 27 2007 2:31 PM EST

People looking up "Economy" trying to find Central Bank. Yeah, that's going to work...

People'll still ask about it if they don't see an entry of "Central Bank" in the index. Or maybe a damn search engine for the Wiki would fix that...Or maybe people Googling "central bank site:carnageblender.com/wiki".

drudge November 27 2007 2:32 PM EST

oh i see. i went to the list of all created wiki pages and didnt see "central bank", there is no search feature other than opening every page and using ctrl+f, so I just assumed there was not any info on it. thanks homies.

SNK3R November 27 2007 2:37 PM EST

See what I mean? ;)

I would expect new players to say the same thing; how would they know that Central Bank is a function of how the "economy" works?

Eurynome Bartleby [Bartleby's] November 27 2007 2:47 PM EST

Well, if creating a page for it is not necessary, maybe a Glossary entry would be a start? I'd do it but I fail to explain in a comprehensive way how Central B works.

Flamey November 28 2007 2:55 AM EST

Well I'd say the definition given on the economy page was sufficient for the glossary so I added it in there.
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