Cheapest babysitter ever, and your house will stay clean too! (in Off-topic)

TheHatchetman December 1 2007 3:41 PM EST

Ever wonder what you're gonna do when you can't find a babysitter but you HAVE to go out? Well check this out - the newest pack-n-play from Graco...................

Child Proof

[P]Mitt December 1 2007 3:50 PM EST

What's this world coming to? D;

Aargh [Closer to the Stars] December 1 2007 3:56 PM EST

Wouldn't it be easier just to put a lid on it? Poke a few airholes in it if you must. It's easier, cheaper, and doesn't require electricity!

Ok, it may not be as much fun, but if it's fun you want, you should've thought about that BEFORE you had kids.

Adminedyit [Superheros] December 1 2007 6:52 PM EST

i'm turning you both in to child services....

Aargh [Closer to the Stars] December 5 2007 9:42 AM EST

Oh, go right ahead. I'm not planning on having children now or ever, so... =P

NSFY December 5 2007 12:22 PM EST

The best laid plans of mice and men...

In any case, I use the cat in the hat to babysit. He is excellent but will bring some friends to help.
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