An adventure in the house (in Off-topic)

Harlem December 2 2007 3:41 PM EST

So, I was sitting at my computer playing CB when my bird starts freaking out and flies into the computer room, promptly hitting the window next to the computer. I go see what all the noise is about and find the cat sitting outside with a bird in his mouth, he's looking at me like he just brought me a PSP or an Xbox360, and then acts insulted when I don't let him in the house. So he sits down and drops the bird on the ground, as soon as that bird hit the ground it hopped up and tried to fly away, it ends up planting it's face in the wall. I crack the screen door open enough to try to lure the cat in with his food but he won't stop trying to catch that bird that is now sitting on the grill. He looks like he's going to come in when the bird jumps down and runs into the house! I back away so it won't freak out and attack me when the cat runs in after, I grab the cat, run to the bathroom, drop him into the tub, and run back out shutting the door behind me. Now my hedgehog decides to wake up. He looks at me for a second, and goes to take a drink of water when the bird hops into the living room, he takes one look at it and curls up into a ball and starts hissing. My bird is still hanging onto the blinds in the computer room staying out of it, smart bird. Anyway, I herd the intruding bird into the kitchen and grab a cracker, now comes the hard part, trying to get the bird outside. Now here I have something in my favor. We used to have a dog and when she wanted inside after doing her business she jumped on the glass door. Once the screen door was in place and she jumped on it tearing a hole in the top and knocking it down. Now we have the screen door flipped upside down and the hole's in the bottom so in the summer time we can have my bird out of his cage and the sliding glass door open. Back to the story. I toss the cracker outside to lure the bird out, I back off to let the bird leave, the bird jumps out, grabs the cracker, then jumps back in, all faster than I can react to. Now, I'm frustrated, I call my mom figuring she would have some experience with this since she used to live in Kansas and do stuff like this. She doesn't pick up her cellphone so I'm still stuck. I try to herd the bird outside again and still fail. About this time my cat figures out how to open my bathroom door. So, my cat gets the bird outside, the bird figures out how to fly and gets away from the cat. And I learned my lesson about not interfering with nature.

BluBBen December 2 2007 3:46 PM EST

Sounds....... interesting?

Harlem December 2 2007 4:15 PM EST

it actually went on a lot longer than this, I left out the parts in the kitchen.

[P]Mitt December 2 2007 4:31 PM EST

You've got a lot of pets....

QBOddBird December 2 2007 5:21 PM EST

Solution: When the hedgehog rolls up into a spikey little ball, throw it at the bird.

I already learned this lesson from years of Sonic the Hedgehog.

AdminG Beee December 2 2007 6:21 PM EST

If you get 100 rings you'll get another hedgehog too !

Or something like that...

AdminLamuness December 2 2007 10:16 PM EST

As G_Beee already stated, if you get 100 rings you get a chance at the warp zone! Just think, if you can just get your hands on that chaos emerald... oooo all that cash you can sell it for!

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] December 3 2007 2:11 PM EST

Sounds like you've got a regular "Super Smash Bros" in your house there.

Harlem December 3 2007 7:25 PM EST

throwing maximus (my hedgehog's name) would either kill him, or tick him off enough to crawl up my leg(it's happened before, trust me it's painful)...
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