Talion / Sickone deal (in Public Record)

Talion December 4 2007 9:06 AM EST

I am will exchange my Rune of Solitude (level 299,717 and NW $6,206,514) to Sickone for $1,500,000 and a level ~30K lesser RoS.

After posting a confirmation, Sickone will send the lesser RoS and a down payment of $750K to my Repo Mage character.

I will then transfer over the level 300K RoS.

The remaining $750K will be paid during the next two weeks. Please post transfer logs in this thread.

Sickone December 4 2007 9:11 AM EST

Confirming deal is a go.

Transfer logs :

Sickone (Vicru) Talion (Repo Mage) $750000 -- /bboard..002I9D 9:10 AM EST

Sickone (Vicru) Talion (Repo Mage) A Lesser Rune of Solitude ($554476) -- /bboard..002I9D 9:10 AM EST

Talion December 4 2007 9:12 AM EST

RoS sent...

Talion (Repo Mage) Sickone (Vicru) A Rune of Solitude ($6206514) -- Sold for $1.5M+lRoS 9:12 AM EST

Sickone December 5 2007 4:37 AM EST

Sickone (Yeti Monster) Talion (Repo Mage) $500000 -- 250k left 4:37 AM EST

Sickone December 6 2007 3:16 AM EST

Sickone (Yeti Monster) Talion (Repo Mage) $250000 -- all paid up ;) 3:15 AM EST

Thanks !

Talion December 6 2007 8:42 AM EST

Thanks! Let me know if you ever need a referral!
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