Some evasion confusion in carnage. (in General)

TheHatchetman December 6 2007 8:52 PM EST

Please post your inquiries here, as this will give us all room to elaborate on our inquiries and explanations uninterrupted, and would provide separation of questions unrelated to each other.

Flamey December 6 2007 8:53 PM EST

What's the relation between Evasion and CTH?

QBsutekh137 December 6 2007 8:54 PM EST

What in the name of Johari are you talking about?

QBsutekh137 December 6 2007 8:54 PM EST

Evasion reduces CTH of the opposing tank-based attacker.

TheHatchetman December 6 2007 8:56 PM EST

Evasion's effect removes CTH, not just PTH as many are convinced. ie, you have a DX based CTH of say 120%, and you have a +80 weapon. this would total to 200% cth, or a guarunteed double-hit every time. Now say someone has an evasion effect of (150). The evasion will reduce the weapon + to 0, the additional 70 points of effect left over will reduce your DX-based CTH, resulting in a 50% chance to hit.

Flamey December 6 2007 8:57 PM EST

by how much? Does (1) Evasion reduce 1% CTH?

TheHatchetman December 6 2007 8:57 PM EST

Scrabaluminous, if you've seen what chat looked like for the past 10-25 minutes, you'd understand why i did this :P

Flamey December 6 2007 8:58 PM EST

Disregard my last post, Hatch posted 10 seconds before me. Thanks, though.

TheHatchetman December 6 2007 8:58 PM EST

yes Flamey.

QBOddBird December 6 2007 8:58 PM EST

Well duh. That's just how -PTH works.

And then you add in the Defensive DX bit.

TheHatchetman December 6 2007 9:04 PM EST

OOB, the defensive DX bit is factored in before all of that, as it is used to determine the DX-based CTH.

TheHatchetman December 6 2007 9:08 PM EST

from pm:
"If you trained your DX up to a point where the OFFENSIVE DX would equal that of the combined defensive DX granted by Eva (barring any trained DX), what would the chances be of hitting?"

This would depend on the pth of your weapon, and the effect of the evasion. At higher levels, due to evasion's cth reduction, the + of your weapon becomes much more important to gain a hit, while at much lower levels, you can hit without much, if any pth...
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