Mitt//[DH]M'Hael deal (with Edyit's Help) (in Public Record)

[P]Mitt December 10 2007 7:34 PM EST

Mitt is selling his character, Mittik, to [DH]M'Hael. However, he wants the transfer fee for his character to go to the Child's Play charity. Also, the items in rentals do not return to Mittik (thus making it unable to be sent)

Edyit has agreed to transfer my character to [DH]M'Hael for free once two conditions have been met:
1. The items from rentals have been returned
2. The xfer fee that Mitt would pay to transfer Mittik is sent to Child's Play.

The xfer cost will be: 50k + MPR*4/3, which is:
50k + 1,189,675*4/3 = 1,636,233 (rounds to 1,640,000)

So instructions for [DH]M'Hael:
1. Send 1,640,000 to Child's Play (Which will cover the xfer fee)
2. Send me the 4,000,000 BIN

I'd like it if both [DH]M'Hael and Edyit confirm here that this is going to be fine :)

DH December 10 2007 7:35 PM EST


Adminedyit [Superheros] December 10 2007 8:13 PM EST

normally i wouldn't do this but since its for such a good cause i will this time after the items have returned from rentals

DH December 10 2007 8:18 PM EST

[DH]M'Hael (simon says) Charity (ChildsPlay2007) $1640000 8:16 PM EST

Donation to childs play for the transfer fees. as per Edyit allowing such a thing.

and i will be sending Mitt the amount owed to him shortly.

DH December 11 2007 5:45 PM EST

[DH]M'Hael (simon says) Mitt (Mittar) $4000000 5:44 PM EST

im paid in full to Mitt...awaiting rental return and Master Edy to transfer ye olde char to me.

[P]Mitt December 13 2007 11:35 PM EST

The last item to return to me is back in 2 days 09:58:35

[P]Mitt December 16 2007 8:41 PM EST

To: Adminedyit Sent: 12:10 PM EST
Hey edy, my last rental has returned. Could you please transfer my Mittik character (the 1.2M MPR one) over to [DH]M'Hael?

Waiting for Edy to log on :) Everything's been returned.
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