Buying BA Error (in General)

Revs December 14 2007 11:18 AM EST

First, I don't read the forums much, so if this is a repost, sorry.

Ok, so here's the deal. I went to buy BA and instead of putting in 100, I mistakenly put the 1 behind the first 0 making it 0100, just adding another 0 to the end. And then, in a bizarre twist of things, I ended up with 62 BA.

Wha . . .?

AdminJonathan December 23 2007 11:51 PM EST

I can't reproduce this, but the log shows you purchasing 64 BA (64 is 100 interpreted as octal, which is what the leading 0 does). CB is supposed to check for this typo and ignore it, and it does in my tests, but the log shows that every once in a while this happens to someone. Unless people are deliberately purchasing 64 BA which seems strange.

Can anyone reproduce this consistently?

QBOddBird December 23 2007 11:57 PM EST

I just reproduced this. I had 145 BA, bought 0100, and got 209.

bartjan December 23 2007 11:59 PM EST

010 gives 8. CB always has done octal. Which is annoying, as the 0 is not always highlighted when you start typing...

AdminJonathan December 24 2007 12:27 AM EST

Ah, the tcl octal detection is working fine. But js parseInt is doing the octal conversion before it ever gets to tcl.

This behavior is deprecated which presumably is why it varies among browsers. (Opera 9 does not do this, which is why I couldn't reproduce at first.)

I'm filing this under "acceptable browser quirks."
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