(Free) Rice it up! (in Off-topic)

AdminNightStrike December 21 2007 3:40 AM EST

Free Rice!

How high can you go? I just knocked off a good 20k grains, and made it as high as 43, ended at 39, hovered at 37 or so on average.

Actually, this is the link to free rice itself... the other is a link to my screenshot...

Yukk December 21 2007 11:00 AM EST

It's better than before. They've added more words, though some of them are "bonzer" ? Yeah, they meant bonza and it's an Australianism, though after a quick google, I see it is listed as an alternative.
It may even challenge Bast now.

Phrede December 21 2007 11:12 AM EST

I tried it and got around 2500 - got to level 48 :)

Flamey December 21 2007 11:35 AM EST

Someone is overly literate, or joking :o

Bariagan [Demonic Serenity] December 21 2007 11:39 AM EST

45 is as high as I have managed... but usually drops to 44 quickly thereafter

QBBast [Hidden Agenda] December 21 2007 11:44 AM EST

No challenge. I've been working on my 'Strine. ;)

AdminG Beee December 21 2007 11:49 AM EST

Eye-level arge play devaggis.

Charity December 21 2007 11:52 AM EST

Beee, Mem stopped holding that contest months ago. ;'D

QBOddBird December 21 2007 12:50 PM EST

*frowns* My typical Free rice level goes...

*drops to 35-37*
*drops again*

Aargh [Closer to the Stars] December 21 2007 1:14 PM EST

I seem to be hovering around 40. My max is 44 so far, with 3000 grains generated.

QBOddBird December 21 2007 1:31 PM EST

According to Freerice,

carp = find fault

Learned something new.

Lochnivar December 23 2007 11:32 AM EST

Personally I think the astounding drop in rice generated on the weekends is kind of funny...

I usually hover around 41/42 and have been as high as 47
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