Yeah, I'm new, (in New players)

raize December 24 2007 12:23 PM EST

And I have pretty much no clue what I'm doin, any advice?

{cb2}Goth December 24 2007 12:41 PM EST

welcome Raize some help would be read some of the or the little Help! button to try to come up with a strat and you could ask the following QB Ranger QB verifex etc... or you could just ask anyone in chat but feel free to ask any questions to me or your mentor

QBOddBird December 24 2007 1:12 PM EST

Welcome to CB, raize!

To start out with, skills/spells/etc are best when they are concentrated: IE, a tank with 1000 ST is better than a tank with 200 ST and 200 VA and 200 AMF and 200 FB and 200 whatever else.

Your best bet is to find roles for each minion: I.E., this one is my mage, this one is my tank, this one supports them both, that kind of thing.

Giving advice isn't the easiest in the forums for me; however, if you enter Chat and ask for some help, other players including myself will be glad to help you out with your strategy! (although many will be happy to help you in forums, too!)

Hope you like CB! Like Goth said before me, check out the "Help!" link in the upper left corner of the sidebar: it has lots of useful info there for you to check out.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] December 24 2007 1:22 PM EST

Welcome to the bottom of the blender!

Father Christmas You found a CB Santa: Create a thread in the General forums letting us all know which thread you found him in and Santa's little helper AdminG_Beee will send you something nice.

Update: Sorry, you didn't find him first.

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