What's the point of Ammo 2? (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] December 29 2007 7:00 PM EST


"The recent changes have got my thinking. What's the point of having ammo in CB?

Cash sink? Realism? Extra Damage? Strategy?

Can't the cash sink be changed if it's really important. I donno, increase the Heal cost for teams equipping Ranged weapons.

If it's extra damage, then up the base of ranged wepaons to refelect that Ammo is being taken out. change the upgrade cost if required.

If it's Strategy, well you can't really run anyone out of ammo any more, and there's no real difference to using different types of ammo (with the Exception of Ex shots, which should, in my mind be got rid of and a new type of Sling introduces that explodes as a base property).

What really does ammo bring to the game? "

Now Ex Shots have been changed, What does ammo bring to the game?

Nothing? But then getting rid of ammo might bring nothing... If the sheer existance of ammo (specific ammounts or types) in CB is such a non event that it's not noticed, what does it bring to the game?

What part of the Strategy of CB do they influence?

AdminG Beee December 29 2007 7:11 PM EST

Ammo is pretty much cosmetic now.

I like ammo though. I like having to buy, merge and equip them.

The simple things in life...

TheHatchetman December 29 2007 7:25 PM EST

"What really does ammo bring to the game? "

What does ammo take away from the game?

QBJohnnywas December 29 2007 7:27 PM EST

"What's the point of having ammo in CB? "

To make ill old players grumpy and to give some people a reason to moan about the corrupt controlling system here in CB Land. And to let me kill characters much much much bigger than me. ;)

AdminNightStrike December 29 2007 7:35 PM EST

Ammo allows you to have a prayer's chance of hitting ToA/Evasion/DB teams that require a +478937584389 to have a 10% chance of hitting once in the last round of ranged.......

AdminG Beee December 29 2007 7:44 PM EST

Are we talking the routine of equipping, buying etc or about the ability to upgrade ?

Upgrading isn't purely cosmetic of course.

Thanatos December 29 2007 7:57 PM EST

I believe GentleLoser is right.

We should even the playing field for dd mages.

Let them buy spell componets from the store for there spell.

By the way all that ammo adds to the net weight of the Characters using it.

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