Strat Advice (in General)

Fembley [Water Warriors] January 1 2008 5:17 PM EST

So my previous strategy started to progressively fail me more and more as I my MPR increased and the scores got higher. I untrained all of my XP on all of my minion, and there's about 1.5 mil on each one. What should I train? Just opinions, not looking for any particular strategies, just throw me 4 minion ideas.

QBOddBird January 1 2008 5:31 PM EST

Depends. Are you tank or are you mage? No NW strat or are you looking to spend money on it? Etc., etc...

If you mean just what you've got on there, you could always go AS, AS, GA, CoC with the CoC in front holding the AoI and HoC.

Fembley [Water Warriors] January 1 2008 5:51 PM EST

What do you think is an effective strategy? Willing to get a loan etc.

QBOddBird January 1 2008 5:56 PM EST

There are a number of effective strategies, but at your small MPR, you can easily achieve a 100% Challenge bonus by specializing against a particular opponent setup.

For example, 4 minions, 3 of them EC and one of them a ToA tank. That'll knock out many tank opponents, especially if you decide to train Evasion on the ToA tank in place of Archery/Bloodlust and equip it with a SoD + Explosive Shots.

Against mages, a strategy with a MgS wearing Wall in back and AoI in front with 2 meatshields using the effects of GA and AMF, as well as taking advantage of 4 minions splitting FB/CoC, would be good...

Just keep in mind that you are best off with 1-2 damage dealer(s) and the other minions working as support. Also take advantage of things such as the ToA, ToE, RoS, etc. that are best used by 4-minion teams.

Ulord[NK] January 1 2008 6:33 PM EST

Oob's advice are fabulous. I see that you are doing Novice's setup. One word though, you'd be very reliant on the tatt to do damage. You also lose the ability to use RoE. I would actually recommend using CoC on your first minion. That way, you can still use a familiar to do damage if you want to. You'll also be able to powerlevel your first minion. The con is your familiar will not have an extra round of attack, it'll also lose invisibility and some NSC reduction.

Fembley [Water Warriors] January 1 2008 11:52 PM EST

I bought a big tat (741k) and the strat's working perfectly, 10/10 wins with 80% bonus..still testing :)
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