NFL football betting? (in Contests)

Main Beach Crew January 2 2008 3:43 PM EST

Can we take bets on the nfl football games this weekend? With CB$? Id be willing to set it all up as a pony system where the odds are dependant on how much is bet on either team. I.E. If in the end, theres 1 mil on the giants and 2 mil on the bucs, the giants odds are 2:1 and the bucs odds are 1.5:1. I dont know, just an idea...

drudge January 2 2008 4:18 PM EST

yes u can make as many bets as people will cop to

Last Gasp January 2 2008 4:46 PM EST

All money taken in would have to be distributed back out to be legal...

Would be better to set up a pool instead.

[P]Mitt January 2 2008 5:20 PM EST

I dunno, I'm more in favor of a spread..

As in [my team] +7.5 over [your team]

for example: my team got 21 points, your team got 28 points

But with the spread, my team would have 21+7.5=28.5, which means my team would beat your team.

Point Spread site

And we could set it up as threads in off topic/PR/Contests... each person making their own threads.

I just think spreads would be more fair.

th00p January 3 2008 5:55 PM EST

I'm willing to be all my money on the giants (except $100 and however much xfers are), no matter the odds.
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