Any Advice???? (in General)

Ernest-Scribbler January 3 2008 5:10 PM EST

I am thinking about doing some work on my main char... "Scion" I think i want to change the second minion, as he doesn't seem that affective. I am open to suggestions, and a couple of thing worth noting are...

1. I can change the tat on the first minion, move it to the second one.

2. No RoBF

3. No Weapons as i don't want to dilute my WA,

I lose to Evasion, Big crossbows, EC.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Ulord[NK] January 3 2008 5:31 PM EST

Well you have the classic archer wall strategy. I wonder how much exp you spent in DM. Since you have a single tank with a large Elbow, do you find that you are killing in one hit with or without DM? It's not a bad idea to keep a moderately small DM for GA and Prot though.

Also, your dex is a little on the low side for your MPR. There is really not much you can do against evasion. My evasion is at 2mil level already and I'm only 850k mpr. Your only hope is to get more + on the bow. You should be able to overcome the smaller evasions on mages though.

So, without changing your strat too much, I would suggest that you pump up your dex and spend more money on the DB and your bow. That way you can hopefully dodge the exbow fire before you kill them with your bow. Alternatively, you can try to get a large EC on the second minion to help with dodging and hitting. In that case, you should take off the ToA and put on TSA and mgs. Put a ToE on your second minion. Focus on dex and let gear take care of strength.

Hivemind [The Hive] January 4 2008 7:40 AM EST

So I only need to put another 60 mil into the + on my bow to be able to hit you? Whohoot! I'll get right on that :/

Ulord[NK] January 4 2008 11:37 AM EST

hehe sadly RoBF is built to be a tank killer. You can still try to stalemate me. Poor damage output is always my biggest weakness.
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