What color are your items? (in Off-topic)

TheHatchetman January 4 2008 3:40 PM EST

A discussion with Linguala has led me to wonder how you guys see your items...

=> {cb1}Linguala if SoA was in existance, and i had been proposing the SoD, i prolly woulda made it like a gunmetal or something of that nature :P
<{cb1}Linguala> lol, gunmetal?
<{cb1}Linguala> in stead of red you mean
=> {cb1}Linguala Anarchy just seems red to me... Death seems gunmetally
=> {cb1}Linguala the mageseeker is definitely a turquoise, and the ELB a deep green
<{cb1}Linguala> lol
<{cb1}Linguala> elven...you're right, deep green fits
=> {cb1}Linguala i should make a post about this... see what color other people think their items are :P

Anyways, what do your CB items look like. You can describe or make a picture to post... either way, I'd like to see what your equipment looks like :P

Talion January 4 2008 3:41 PM EST

I alway try to give my character's representative pictures... so you can just inspect my characters to see most of mine.

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 4 2008 4:00 PM EST

neon color palette with a paisley pattern...if i cannot kill you, i can certainly offend your sensibilities!

RVT January 4 2008 4:04 PM EST

Talion: Your character pictures look awesome. Did you draw those?

Talion January 4 2008 4:05 PM EST

No. Got them from the Dark Legion's game CD. It's a game that came out in the mid 1990's. :)

RVT January 4 2008 4:11 PM EST

Well, they look really good.

j'bob January 4 2008 4:29 PM EST

My Tulkas' Gauntlets look just like the Infinity Gauntlet (only 2 of them) with all yellow gems.
My Noldorin Spellcasters look just like Quasar's Quantam Bands.
Any other comic fans? lol

AdminQBVerifex [Serenity In Chaos] January 4 2008 4:36 PM EST

All of my equipment is black, like your soul!

Hyrule Castle January 4 2008 4:39 PM EST

AOD get out of vexy's body!

Colonel Custard January 4 2008 5:30 PM EST

When I think Sling of Death, I think of a really big strap of brown leather with a pocket in the middle (you know, like an actual sling, but it's a huge one because it's of Death).

As for the rest of my stuff, I've been trying to figure out things that a Panda would wear, and haven't come up with much. That's why I named my EBs "Bare Feet" and my other items after more abstract things, rather than objects.

I've always thought of the ELBow as being slender, ornate, and a sort of golden color, though not actually gold.

The ToA is red. So is the RoBF. The ToE is green. The IF is icy blue, the SF is silvery, and the FF is a fiery vermillion (orange). The JKF is the same color as my old Karate instructor. I'll add more later.

Fembley [Water Warriors] January 4 2008 5:46 PM EST

Pink with frilly bits.

BluBBen January 4 2008 6:08 PM EST

I have never really thought of any of my items or so. But I just got to say, I love(!) you pictures Talion! I want more of that! When I get time I will try to make a picture to represent my char BluBBen. :-)

TheHatchetman January 4 2008 6:16 PM EST

And corn is yellow, but Corns seem like they would be dark blue (I believe it was a Cornuthaum that Mickey was wearing in Fantasia)...

QBJohnnywas January 4 2008 7:37 PM EST

Purple, like Prince's Purple Rain.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] January 4 2008 8:55 PM EST

White, like when dove's cry ^_^

InebriatedArsonist January 4 2008 9:35 PM EST

Something tells me that Susan isn't one for pink.

ActionAction January 5 2008 5:34 AM EST

You know, IA, I really do love that pict you have for Susan :). Mine changes depending on what my theme is. Currently, my NSCs (which, unfortunately, aren't the ones I'm wearing at the moment =[) are definitely armband red (yes, there is such a colour)! And my HoC would have to be yellowy-orangish. The rest is North High white and blue ;O.

Adminedyit [Superheros] January 5 2008 7:14 AM EST

My MH, Blunt Force Trauma [84x10180] (+225), has a hot pink head and a neon green handle.

Colonel Custard January 5 2008 9:30 AM EST

What's a staff sling? I keep picturing a walking staff with a sling tied to the end of it, and it looks very inelegant and ineffective.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 5 2008 12:22 PM EST

"What's a staff sling? I keep picturing a walking staff with a sling tied to the end of it, and it looks very inelegant and ineffective."

That's because it is. ;)

drudge January 5 2008 1:39 PM EST

if any images pop-up in my mind, its the characters from gauntlet. so whatever colors their gear is. they had a dude with bows that was fast and a slow guy with a axe and a wizard. just like cb.
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