were do i Find weps and armor? (in New players)

abiku January 6 2008 12:30 AM EST

all i want to know

Windwalker January 6 2008 12:30 AM EST


abiku January 6 2008 1:49 AM EST

so you can only buy them. is what you are saying.

Last Gasp January 6 2008 2:26 AM EST

You can find basic armor and weapons in the Businesses/Weapons and Businesses/Armor stores.

You can bid on more advanced items in the Auction OR you can try and buy them with CB or real $ in the FS/WTB Forum.

AdminG Beee January 6 2008 4:09 AM EST

For everything you can buy, you can also sell.

Flamey January 6 2008 7:52 AM EST

he meant like getting them as "Drops" so to speak, from players or something.
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