Clan Issues (in General)

Colonel Custard January 7 2008 5:46 PM EST

I decided to leave the clan I created today. I transferred clan ownership to one of my clanmates before attempting to leave, because I figured that made sense. However, when I forfeited my ability to kick everyone out, it seems I also forfeited my ability to kick myself out, and to leave of my own free will. Another clanmate of mine (not the one I transferred ownership to) says that he, as well, has had his "Leave this clan" button mysteriously removed. Is there supposed to be a certain wait period after clan ownership changes during which no one can leave? I saw nothing about it in the wiki, making me think it is either a bug or an unknown feature of clan participation.

AdminQBnovice [Cult of the Valaraukar] January 7 2008 5:54 PM EST

Possible that cache flush will sort this out...

Admindudemus [jabberwocky] January 7 2008 5:58 PM EST

i had this same thing occur last friday and had to have an admin kick me out of the clan. i am curious if anyone, other than clan leaders, actually has a leave this clan entirely button?

Mikel January 7 2008 6:07 PM EST

I have that Button.

BootyGod January 7 2008 6:13 PM EST

Same thing happened to me, Colonel.

Colonel Custard January 7 2008 6:17 PM EST

Well, in that case, could someone please boot me from the clan I'm in? Thanks.

And I do hope that this is fixed, since it seems to be happening to lots of people...

Colonel Custard January 7 2008 6:19 PM EST

Just to note: I tried to be clever, and uncheck all of my characters and then click "Edit" under the clan participation options. I got an error, because it can't figure out I don't want any of my characters in the clan.

Mikel January 7 2008 6:20 PM EST

it's more than likely a cache flush issue. BR sometimes rotates the clan owner thru it's members.

AdminNightStrike January 7 2008 6:42 PM EST


Mikel January 7 2008 7:25 PM EST

Why not?
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