IA/GummyBear Bowl Bet (in Public Record)

InebriatedArsonist January 7 2008 8:32 PM EST

<GummyBear> IA wanna put your money where your mouth is? :P
<GummyBear> a CBD bet?
<Salvatore> anyone here a led zeppelin fan?
<InebriatedArsonist> 500k on Ohio.
<GummyBear> for the glory of conference surpremacy
Ranger left the room.
<GummyBear> deal
<GummyBear> 500k, loser pays

GummyBear January 7 2008 9:18 PM EST

:) oh yeah

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

QBOddBird January 7 2008 11:21 PM EST

This was in the bag before it started. LSU's a member of the SEC.

GummyBear January 7 2008 11:22 PM EST

Indeedly doobly :).

Please send to my highest character (Gummy Bears) if LSU happens to bag the victory.


GummyBear January 8 2008 7:02 PM EST

how bout them TIGERS ;)

j'bob January 8 2008 7:15 PM EST

more importantly, yes sal... i am a led zeppelin fan!
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