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Jamba in da Juice January 8 2008 5:58 PM EST

So i got FFXII for Christmas, and i was doing pretty well until the boss battle where i have to fight Judge Ghis, im wondering what strategy to use....

Ulord[NK] January 8 2008 6:47 PM EST

Whenever I play RPG, I usually try things out in the first play through, resisting the temptation to check a walk through as much as I can. But if you are really stuck, I'm sure this will be enough help.

Ulord[NK] January 8 2008 6:49 PM EST

Oops. link not working :(. Here it is again: click.

Unappreciated Misnomer January 8 2008 6:51 PM EST

use Larsa's 'gift' for the fight

and fyi save your mana and use quickenings to end it fast

Jamba in da Juice January 8 2008 7:37 PM EST

who's larsa again...?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 8 2008 7:39 PM EST


I had an absolute easy ride with FFXII. Until that boss.

I've not actually played it since, stuck on my Wii.

My plan will e to run round the prison, striggering the beam alarms to level for a while. ;) Grinding, always the answer! :P

TheHatchetman January 8 2008 11:16 PM EST

Heh... while I wasn't exactly impressed with FFX-2, I managed to skip almost half the game by grinding out that part where you have to play the notes near the end... I didn't get all the notes, so i just ran around leveling until i could defeat the "impossible" guardian thingy... by the time i got through, the final boss was laughable, taking only a minute or two a segment, and most of that time was battle animation.

Grinding is always the answer when all else fails ^_^

Jamba in da Juice January 9 2008 6:22 PM EST

by th way hatch im talking bout FFXII not FFX-2

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] January 10 2008 7:44 AM EST

your kidding right?i had no trouble beating ghis when i was lvl 15, just put yourgambit right, let them all cure when your down to 40% of your hp and ill do fine but do use your gambits and it be a piece of cake, you dont even need larsa's gem thingy
btw i played the complete game out, even the ultimate boss so if you need help just pm me

Tyriel [123456789] January 10 2008 8:17 AM EST


Nope, can't seem to remember that boss. Must have been too easy for me, like most of them. The only boss I ever had trouble with in the game is that giant flower thingy in the forest that uses disease. Just managed to beat it with just Fran alive at 1/1 HP. :) Ranged weapons own.

The only things I'd recommend are that, if you haven't already:

1) Get everybody the licenses for spells
2) Get the best support spells possible (and Charge. I don't know where in the game you can get Charge, but it is the single thing I used the most when I beat FFXII). Again, I don't remember when you can get what spells and abilities, but Drain, Protect, Haste, and Slow are all very nice to get.
3) Take a look at your Gambits. The way I did it, every character should be auto-casting 1/3 of the support spells I have on every character. By the end-game, I had each one casting 3-4 spells on every character. Before that should be one or two healing gambits (HP < 70% = Cure, < 50% = Curaga, something like that). Then a few attack spells if you want them, then a Gambit for Charge (MP < 20% = Charge), then just a basic attack gambit.

If you don't have that many gambit slots, either get more, or live without a few of those. :P

There's my long rant. If that doesn't help, you can always level up. :)

Jamba in da Juice January 10 2008 5:09 PM EST

AoD, my highest lvl dude was 10, so...... yea

oh, and i noticed the ancient sword was in my inventory, do u guys know where i got that? because i don't

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] January 11 2008 12:53 AM EST

most likely the shop in the ship, where you found ashe and if your lvl 10 its still easy but do use your gambits thats the thing that makes it easy and yea the marbolo was hard but not as hard as the hell wyrn, 15mil hp, took me 2days to kill him

[me]Davis January 11 2008 8:04 PM EST

hellwyrm took you 2 days? haha i just sat down and beat him a hour and a half haha, just took forever, and all those inverts were insane

Unappreciated Misnomer January 12 2008 2:46 AM EST

lol if you do not remember where you got the ancient sword then you have not been paying any attention to the story. its only important if you make it to the end of the game.

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] January 12 2008 4:34 AM EST

no not the hell wyrm he took me 2hours i meant the yiazmat

Jamba in da Juice January 17 2008 10:33 PM EST

i was wondering, well i cant remember the name of the place, but far in in the eastersands, by the village, there's an entrance to something, not the passage to the palace but something somewhat near to it, is there anything worth doing/ getting in there?

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] January 18 2008 6:50 AM EST

barheim passage? o yea, there is a summon there but you need a key to enter the place

Jamba in da Juice January 19 2008 5:03 PM EST

do you need to use the ferry across the river to get to the place where you get the key?

Angel of Death [Hell Blenders] January 19 2008 5:25 PM EST

yup you have to go there for part of a quest to get the key but you cant take the ferry

Jamba in da Juice January 19 2008 5:51 PM EST

k, thanks
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