UC, only damage dealer with non linear scaling? (in General)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 9 2008 3:19 AM EST

Something just occured to me. When we had our little rescale, and everything changed to 12xp per level, did the effect of UC change?

I'm guessing not, as the X is equal to the +, and if the effect was made linear (like DD damage, or Weapon X) UC would then get linear + as well.

If that's the case, and it didn't change, it's now the only damage dealer in the game that doesn't scale linearly.

While STR does, Tanks get linear weapon X. The UC X isn't.

IndependenZ January 9 2008 3:28 AM EST

I think you're right on this. I was training my UC to a higher level. It had a raw level of 68 and a net level of 131. Now it's a raw level of 70 and a net of 132. The lower levels seems to go up faster than the higher ones, suggesting a non-linear scaling.

Talion January 9 2008 8:13 AM EST

The way it looked before was that the level increase needed to get an extra UC raw effect point was always increasing by a very small amount compared to level increase needed to obtain the previous one (check the existing wiki chart as an example).

Since this was not changed after the XP adjustment, then the behavior you are experiencing is the expected one.

Colonel Custard January 9 2008 12:21 PM EST

UC is kinda mystery, because we only see one number, whereas every other weapon has 3. The effect shown is equivalent to its + value, and no one knows what the x value is. I highly doubt that the x value is the same as the + value, because that would mean that my damage modifier is only 83, which seems extremely low, given the damage I'm dealing. I've always wondered whether there's some static relation between UC's x and +, i.e. x value is equal to 6 times the + value reached, or whether the x is, in fact, linear, following a formula based off of the level, and not effect, but which is simply not displayed because it can be estimated (or at least differences can be) based off of the level, which is displayed, and it would therefore be redundant.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 9 2008 12:23 PM EST

The X of UC has always been equal to the + (the effect). If this has changed, I've not seen a changelog about it.

Colonel Custard January 9 2008 12:32 PM EST

/me shrugs*

"The effect number in parentheses, such as Unarmed Combat: 1,893,975/1,200,000 (113), represents the Point-To-Hit of the UC weapon. The 'X' value is currently unknown, as well as the hidden base multiplier." From the wiki.

Like I said, if my UC weapon is [Yx83] (+83), I'm surprised I do so much damage. I realize that ranged and melee damage work differently, but I do almost (3/4 at least) as much damage in melee as I do with a named SoD x500 using Ex. Shots in ranged. The average Big Five melee weapon has something like [Ax12000] (+90). If UC's effect represents the multiplier as well as the plus, then the "Y" value for base damage must be friggin enormous.

I'm not saying you're wrong. I'm just saying that it looks unlikely to me, and that I think describing its value as being "unknown" is as accurate as anything.

QBBarzooMonkey January 9 2008 12:35 PM EST

Didn't Grant figure out that the base damage was somewhere around that of a Katana. It was quite a while ago, so I don't remember exactly... But I second GL - x and + have always been equal on UC unless Jon changed it without logging it.
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