I made the Wiki better today. You can, too! (in General)

Colonel Custard January 9 2008 7:29 AM EST

I gave a couple pages dealing with my current strategy a much-needed update today. They still said that the best ranged weapon for a monk is an ELBow, and that the only headgear without a UC penalty is the HoE, among other things. While editing, though, I noticed that the basic Monk page already has extensive information on possible armor choices and combinations, to an even greater extent than the page on "Specialized Unarmed Combat Armor", or whatever it was. This difference is even moreso the case after my edits, because when I got to the second page after editing "Monk," I didn't feel up to re-listing all the combination possibilities, advantages, and disadvantages of each item. So here's my question:

Do we need those two pages? Without the information on armor, the Monk page has about two sentences that state how a monk is different from a regular tank because it doesn't use a weapon. With all the armor information now on that page, though, the Specialized UC Armor page is at best redundant, and probably more accurately, incomplete and contradictory (i.e. in the Shield section). The only information that really needs to be retained from the Specialized Armor page doesn't even have to do with armor, but rather with ranged weapon possibilities for Monks. Should that section be moved onto the Monk page, and the second page deleted?

AdminNightStrike January 9 2008 7:37 AM EST

You could combine the pages and make good use of section headings. Honestly, I think most of the armor set pages are useless.. at least, as they stand. You added a lot of information, which is good.
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