I'm working on some formulas for item prices (in General)

Stryker400 January 9 2008 9:48 PM EST

Hello everyone. I'd greatly appreciate it if you would take the time to do this any time you buy an item from the store:

1. BEFORE you purchase the item, quickly take note of the price of the item in-store. I would prefer this to be a specific amount rather than a round estimate (e.g. 20,122 rather than 20k).

2. AFTER the item is safely in your inventory, but BEFORE you do any upgrading to it, get the stats of the item (e.g. Rapier [10x1] (+0) or Steel Cuirass [25] (+3)).

3. On the Equip page, click the Actions list and take note of both the precise Net Worth and Selling Price for your item.

4. When you have done all this, come here and reply to the thread and/or send me an email of the account at ShadowHound407@aol.com.

In the end your post/email should look something similar to this:

Item: A Rapier [10x1] (+0)
In-Store Price: $42
Net Worth: $43
Selling Price: $34

Thank you for your time to anyone willing to help me with this. After the whole thing is compiled I hope to improve the Wiki with the knowledge I obtain from it.

Furthermore, if you would like me to include your name as a dedicator feel free to say so and I'll be more than happy to put your name in somewhere.

Thanks again,

bartjan January 9 2008 10:40 PM EST

Selling price is 80% of the In-Store price.
Net Worth has no relation to the In-Store price; it shows the value of the upgrades done to the item (Blacksmith/Forge) plus the base NW of the item.

TheHatchetman January 9 2008 10:52 PM EST

I've noticed rares sell for lower prices (compared to net worth) than common items...

My 19.17m nw AC seels for less than 1.16m (~6%), while my 621k nw LSF sells for almost 100k (~16%)... And I hear the store gives even worse prices for DBs... Can we get an example of a sell price from a pair of high-level DBs over here? :P

Stryker400 January 9 2008 11:19 PM EST

Thank you for your input.

I must disagree at the time being about the irrelevance of In-Store Price to Net Worth. According to my research so far the In-Store Price goes up rather linearly with the Net Worth. I'll see what I can come up with regarding that statement, however.

Thank you for letting me know about the Selling Price. 80% seems to work rather well on what I've tested. That gives me one less figure to find.

The reason I'm doing this, in case anyone is wondering, is I have found number of inconsistencies regarding the Base NW of items. This irritates me. More-so there have to be things that Jon hasn't told us, and I aim to figure them out. This is but the beginning of my endeavor into the heart of the machine we know as CarnageBlender.

So there's that. Now I'm going to bed... Goodnight :)

AdminNightStrike January 9 2008 11:52 PM EST

Each item has a different % of NW for which it will be sold and bought. I put most of the tattoo prices in the wiki already.

Stryker400 January 10 2008 4:46 PM EST

A percentage huh? I guess a linear equation would do the same thing typically.

One thing I thought of last night though. Does it only really take into account total NW or does it possibly weigh Damage Multiplier and PTH? I know DM goes up linearly but from what I can tell PTH goes up quadratically. In other words the higher the level, the more the increase in price is to upgrade it. I just haven't been able to place the equation yet. Also I don't know if there's one equation for all items or if they're all different. I'm still working on it.

Thanks for your help so far everyone. At the time being I'm working on the Executioner's Sword. If you have anything on it I'd appreciate your input.
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