Possible Multi (in Public Record)

GummyBear January 9 2008 10:35 PM EST

I hate to be a tattle tale, but I couldn't help but notice that one of my mentees, Kialo, was using the same IP ( as a user named hermdog. I didn't want to get my mentee banned/reset right off the bat so I asked an admin (Brent/SNK) if I could just send him a chatmail, so I did:

To: Kialo Sent: January 6 11:23 PM EST Delivered: January 7 3:38 AM EST
Hey there, I couldn't help but notice that you transfered money to hermdog, who seems to be using the same IP address. CB has policies regarding "multi's" or multiple characters, having more than one character can get you banned. I talked to Brent (an admin) and he said it's ok if I just warn you, but you could be banned from the game in the future. If you're using the same IP for some other reason, perhaps you should make a thread to clarify that it's not a multi. Just watching out for you, be careful mate ;)

I thought this was a fair warning, but to no avail. I haven't gotten a response back and it seems he is still using hermdog (he created a new user post).

Now I'm very liberal in my views, so perhaps he is not a multi, and this is just a misunderstanding (hopefully) and he can explain that the two having the same IP is just a coincidence. In any case, maybe an admin could check this out. Thanks in advanced. Back to your blending everyone :)

TheHatchetman January 9 2008 10:47 PM EST

"and he can explain that the two having the same IP is just a coincidence."

Don't they all? :P

KittehShinobu January 10 2008 12:10 AM EST

FYI, anyone that has the same IP address and transfering money over is obviously a multi. There is no reason why they would transfer one sided like that. But why only $500 at a time? that just seems weird dontcha think?

GummyBear January 10 2008 5:37 PM EST

Indeed :/
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