ColonelCustard/Nightstrike deal (in Public Record)

Colonel Custard January 13 2008 11:11 PM EST

I'm instaing up my Sling of Death to his, at 75%.

[RP08]ColonelCustard (Pandaman) NightStrike (Loans) A Sling of Death ($18970645) 11:04 PM EST
[RP08]ColonelCustard (Pandaman) NightStrike (Loans) $4000000 11:04 PM EST
NightStrike (Loans) [RP08]ColonelCustard (Pandaman) A Sling of Death ($29133714) -- insta 5:31 PM EST

NW difference is 10,163,069. 75% of that is 7,622,301.75.
With the 4 mil downpayment, I owe 3,622,301.75. I do not have that at the moment, but because NightStrike has a loan service, he is loaning me the money that I owe him, which is rather different but also quite similar too me being on a payplan. He offered a one-time, 5% interest rate, which puts the final debt at:


Payments will be logged in this thread, and I will pay as quickly as I can.

Colonel Custard January 15 2008 6:54 PM EST

Woops. There was also a transfer fee of 291,237 I forgot to add in.

7,622,301.75 + 291,237 = 7,913,538.75
- 4mil = 3,913,538.75
*1.05 = 4,109,215.6875

There we go. I'll probably have the first mil after (or before) money time is over.

Colonel Custard January 16 2008 3:54 AM EST

[RP08]ColonelCustard (Pandaman) NightStrike (Loans) $609216 3:54 AM EST

3.5 mil left.

Colonel Custard January 17 2008 12:25 AM EST

As per a deal agreed upon in chatmail, my debt is wiped in exchange for some item namings I paid for for him. Thanks!

AdminNightStrike January 17 2008 7:41 AM EST

Yes, done.
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