Announcement: ES are spawnable... (in General)

TheHatchetman January 19 2008 6:13 PM EST

There is no need to continue paying 3-5 times the store cost for ES... You can spawn them by buying IS. Put the store below 8 stacks of IS, and WHAM! ES are in the store... takes 10 seconds to buy the IS, 2 seconds to merge, 2 seconds to buy the spawned ES, and 1 second to resell the IS... This is commonplace and legal.

How do these things still have value?

(/me debates selling his arrows for $2 each)

Colonel Custard January 19 2008 6:20 PM EST

Hatch, you don't get it. People just want to give their money to people like TinTizzy and Lumpy Koala, because there's not much else to do with your money in the game. If you buy Ex Shot at store prices, you're only spending 1/5th the amount of money you usually would. What's the point in that? It would be like your ammo barely even costs anything, and you'd end up with like 50k extra CB every week. Who wants that? I want people who put 15k shots in auction for 90k Buy Now to have that money, and let them figure out what to do with it. Sucks for them, they'll probably get stuck with so much money that they'll just quit.

00 January 19 2008 6:22 PM EST

You cannot have so much money you would just quit, you can poor it into your weapon, armor, or sell it...

00 January 19 2008 6:23 PM EST

And another thing, anyone who has too much money, feel free to send it to my char.

Windwalker January 19 2008 6:23 PM EST

You two are a trip ;) and 100% correct.

Colonel Custard January 19 2008 6:24 PM EST

There are plenty of people who would send it to your character, if you'd just sell Ex Shots for $7 each. Or so it seems.

And the post before was sarcastic.

DrAcO5676 [The Knighthood III] January 19 2008 7:08 PM EST

Some people don't want to spend the time to go into Store and buy it... its a lazy tax

QBJohnnywas January 19 2008 7:48 PM EST

A lot of the time you don't even have to buy IS. Just wait for somebody else to spawn them. Mostly they'll have bought so many IS that they can only buy a few ES. Then I can just walk in and buy them for myself. Thanks. :)

Colonel Custard January 20 2008 1:51 AM EST

Let's keep discussing this. It needs to stay on the home page so that when these suckers log in, they see the announcement right there.

Windwalker January 20 2008 1:56 AM EST

What is it, Like kickin' the dog ;)

Colonel Custard January 20 2008 2:29 AM EST

When I say, suckers, though, I don't mean it's their fault. They got swindled!

Take charge of your life! Don't give in to swindlers!

Windwalker January 20 2008 2:39 AM EST

and kick the dog,AGAIN :O

NooneKnows January 20 2008 2:16 PM EST

it's not a lazy tax, it's a poor camper tax.

Colonel Custard January 20 2008 4:06 PM EST

"Put the store below 8 stacks of IS, and WHAM! ES are in the store"
I don't understand how you can be a "poor camper" for ES. Can you count to seven? That's how many stacks of IS you should leave unselected before clicking "buy now".

Then, return to the store and click all the biggest stacks of ES and hit "buy now" again. You don't even have to merge the bundles you bought before doing so because the buying limit is lower than the amount of room you have in your inventory.

Windwalker January 20 2008 4:14 PM EST

Sooo.. let me get this. I can buy ex shot ANYTIME I want!!

Colonel Custard January 20 2008 4:20 PM EST

Yes, you can.

And for any "poor campers" out there, I've acquired 21k more since this post was made, without even exerting any real effort. If you would like some, I have a stack of 34k sitting in my inventory I'd be happy to let go for 400% markup. Heck, I'll even lower it to 300%! Can't get those kinda prices anywhere on the market today (well, except the weapons store...)

Windwalker January 20 2008 4:22 PM EST

That was meant as a DUHHH...Really you will sell them to me!!

Thanatos January 20 2008 5:43 PM EST

It could be they just can't afford the time to put in to get them with other buys they need to make.

The market will bring the correct price.

Sooner or later the buy nows will come down just because of competitive market.

I do not believe that you would get $2 an arrow unless you upgraded them but I bet there are a few people that would buy them bundled in a group of 50,000 or so, for a bit of a mark up on them.

QBOddBird January 20 2008 6:02 PM EST

If you can't afford the time it takes to spawn your own ES, then you're probably like me....not really even playing...

TheHatchetman January 20 2008 6:13 PM EST

"I bet there are a few people that would buy them bundled in a group of 50,000 or so, for a bit of a mark up on them."

500,000 Arrows [8x1] (+0) 250,001 ;)

Colonel Custard January 21 2008 1:20 AM EST

Oh, Glory be!

From the store purchase log:
Glory [t] (MrMunch) sell 6,036 Iron Shots ($1207) 12:56 AM EST
Glory [t] (MrMunch) buy 967 Explosive Shots ($580) 12:56 AM EST
Glory [t] (MrMunch) buy 1,264 Explosive Shots ($758) 12:56 AM EST
Glory [t] (MrMunch) buy 1,491 Explosive Shots ($894) 12:56 AM EST
Glory [t] (MrMunch) buy 888 Iron Shots ($177) 12:55 AM EST
Glory [t] (MrMunch) buy 861 Iron Shots ($172) 12:55 AM EST
Glory [t] (MrMunch) buy 975 Iron Shots ($195) 12:55 AM EST
Glory [t] (MrMunch) buy 874 Iron Shots ($175) 12:55 AM EST
Glory [t] (MrMunch) buy 1,404 Iron Shots ($281) 12:55 AM EST
Glory [t] (MrMunch) buy 1,034 Iron Shots ($207)

Here, ladies and gentlemen, is a man who has taken control of his life, and stopped being taken in by capitalistic pigs. PIGS, I tell you!
This is the very same man I saw bidding 40k-ish for 20k-some ex shots just yesterday. Let us congratulate him on his liberation. And thanks Hatch for making the thread that has enlightened so many!

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 21 2008 6:49 AM EST

We could always just up the spawn rate even more...

Seems pointless to have to psuedo farm them. Even if this is now legitimate.

Lets bite the bullet and just make them as common as IS and Arrows.

Flamey January 21 2008 7:05 AM EST

they're a bit powerful to just pick up for nothing :/ At least it's making them pay a bit more to get them.

Colonel Custard January 21 2008 7:18 AM EST

Well, they are rather expensive to get out of the store even, especially compared to Iron Shots. They still cost less than their NW, though, rather than 8 times it. Another thing to take into consideration is that you almost have to shoot yourself in the foot in order to get them, because of two things when you spawn them: for every bundle of IS you buy, you won't have room to buy a bundle of ES when it spawns, and that all the IS you buy, you sell back to the store at a loss (and it seems like it's been a larger one, recently). This isn't a large loss in money (and I'm not at all questioning that that's preferable to buying what's getting put in auctions), but it means that, if you buy 5 bundles of IS to make it spawn, and then sell them back for $140 less than you bought them for, you can only buy 3 stacks of ES, and have spent $140 more than their real store price, in terms of net loss.


AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 21 2008 8:44 AM EST

"they're a bit powerful to just pick up for nothing :/ At least it's making them pay a bit more to get them."

Flamey, check the log above.

The amount the IS sold back to the store, was the exact amount it cost to buy all the stacks.

It cost nothing, but a little extra time and a few more clicks.

Seriously, if this farming is legal, why not just make them as common as everything else?

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 21 2008 8:49 AM EST

Hell I might just continue to buy and sell every stack of IS I see in the store, and leave the Ex Shot there for people to buy.

I'm not using my 8 slot limit. some one else might as well...

Go get them, I just forced the store to refresh some Ex Shot.

{CB1}-Mokaba January 21 2008 9:05 AM EST

Thanks GL just got 6400 ex shots. :)
I do agree with you that ex shots should be as frequent in the store as Iron shots are. :)

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 21 2008 9:10 AM EST

20 minutes up. Another 8 stacks of IS bought, merged and sold. Expect some Ex shots in a sec!

Hurry hurry hurry!

TheHatchetman January 24 2008 1:45 AM EST

wow... either it was a coincidence of timing, or this thread actually worked...

Colonel Custard January 24 2008 1:53 AM EST

GL, I believe you are mistaken. The cost to buy and sell them was not the same. The total NW of all the separate stacks the merged stack were the same. The store purchase log shows items' NW, and not their purchase/sell price. The difference between the buying and selling prices of IS is about 20%. Like many things (and I think all other ammo), it sells to the store for 80% of the purchase price.

Try it out. I'm serious.

AdminQBGentlemanLoser [{END}] January 24 2008 3:17 AM EST

You're right.

I was making a loss so small it didn't really notice.

so it does come with a cost, but that cost is so negligable to as not be meaningful.

Hyrule Castle January 24 2008 3:31 AM EST

jack the prices of IS 10 fold, and exp shot 20 fold....

That'll give you somewhere to sink your money!
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