Question about Training Screen (in New players)

Snow Doctor January 20 2008 11:38 AM EST

When I go to the training screen I am looking at the following

Level Raw level Effect Raw effect

What exactly do these mean?

Perhaps more knowledge will allow me to rule the world....probably not though.

QBsutekh137 January 20 2008 11:48 AM EST

"Level" is simply the level of the stat. Levels cost 12 experience per. The level doesn't really have a whole lot of meaning for certain things. But for others, level has a more direct correlation to "effect". Example, Ethereal Chains casts at half the level, meaning its effect is half the level. For something like Fireball, though, the level is just a representation of how much experience has been invested. Still other stats (such as Guardian Angel) do not have an effect listed (or use ?), because those the effect is based on something unknown, such as an opponent spell level or a battle-time phenomenon. GA's retaliation depends on its level AND how hard the opponent hits you. VA depends on its level and how herd you are hitting.

So, "effect" is how the "level" manifests itself at battle time. When you watch the play by play, you see the effects of your spells. The raw effect is the effect the spell or skill would have if there were no augmentation of the spell or skill via items. Items enhance various things: strength, dexterity, enchantment effects, etc. the actual effect is the final effect of the raw augmented by items (if any such items are equipped).

Other issues to note: if you have two or more enchantments, they "stack" by level, not effect. In other words, don't add the effects together, add the levels and then map that combined level to the effect. For linear level/effect enchantments (such as EC) that is a moot point. But other things (like AMF) are not linear.

Hope this helps.
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