Unarmed Combat (in New players)

Jake the Snayke January 20 2008 12:16 PM EST

What is a good amount of UC to train while training?

1/4 of the amount into it?

AdminNightStrike January 20 2008 12:21 PM EST

Balancing between UC, ST, and DX is very tricky. It gets harder when you add HP to the mix.

In general, don't train to ratios. Train to beat the people above you. What do you need to win the next fight -- more damage, more hp, etc.

Colonel Custard January 20 2008 12:35 PM EST

You want to be able to put as much XP into your UC skill as you possibly can, while still maintaining everything else. I put 1/3 of my total EXP gained into UC (with a single minion NCB, so that ends up being a lot of a experience), and then split what's left between HP, ST, and DX (and I added DM and Protection later on...)

One piece of advice I would give, though: If you're going to start a new character to use Unarmed Combat, you should buy (or rent, at least) a Combat Gi and a pair of Helm's Gauntlets, with the highest + upgrade you can. Both of them increase your Unarmed Combat effect right at the start, so you could be fighting 100 Score opponents with 12 PR and (20) UC effect. The higher the + on the HGs, the more UC effect will be granted. The effect from the Gi is static, but valuable. The other benefit of using a well-upgraded Gi and HG is that it will give you good AC (Combat Gis upgrade from base to [1] (+50) for about 1 mil, which is very cheap), a very large portion of which is magic reduction. I kept having fireballs hitting me for no damage for the first few days of my NCB. It was nice.

If you're going to add a UC minion to your current team, you should still do the same thing, but you won't necessarily have to buy all the gear beforehand, because the UC minion will not become your main damage dealer on that team. There won't be enough experience left (after it's split between the 3 minions) for him to get a very high UC effect.
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