make me a SIG contest!! (in Contests)

Frost January 22 2008 6:07 PM EST

make me a good sig to recruit people with. The best one gets 100k!!!!
This contest ends when I get one i like. Thanks much.

Esoteric January 22 2008 6:11 PM EST

Recruit people, as in recruit for CB?

Frost January 22 2008 6:22 PM EST

yea man

Esoteric January 22 2008 6:23 PM EST

Alright I'll give it a go.

Esoteric January 22 2008 7:24 PM EST

Free Image Hosting at

Used Photoshop for the second time in over a year. A bit rusty, but not too bad.

Esoteric January 26 2008 7:28 PM EST

So is this over or what?

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 1 2008 3:35 PM EST

Free Image Hosting at

So I tried my hand at it... ;)
CM me if you want any changes in it.

Colonel Custard February 1 2008 3:38 PM EST

Move every Sig.

Esoteric February 1 2008 3:47 PM EST

Just to let you guys know no one entered, but me so I got the win. Also on my laptop my sig looks fine, and other PCs it looks over contrasted. I may make another copy later.

Marlfox [Cult of the Valaraukar] February 1 2008 4:36 PM EST

I, uh, I actually entered. ;)
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